what spice are YOU?

I found this cool webthing on Wannietta’s blog:

What Spice Are You?

Your Score: Juniper Berries

You scored 100% intoxication, 50% hotness, 100% complexity, and 75% craziness!

You are Juniper Berries!

You’re a drunk. No, really. Cool it with the hooch.

Just kidding. You’re really good at adding flavour to boring old life. You can be astringent at times, but once the harshness passes, you’re quite relaxing. And you smell good, too.

Link: The Which Spice Are You Test

I got a kick out of this, and it’s pretty accurate too (aside from the “hooch” bit. I, of course, would never overindulge in alcohol. Not so’s I remember, anyway…)

The link is above if you want to try it out. There’s only about 10 questions or so in the quiz.




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