Art meets commerce. Art starts crying like a baby.

…or so says Steve Singh. I agree heartily.

Sadly, however, in my case, art and commerce often intersect. I – queen of Value Village, stashbusting and late night laundry room trash hunting forays – do not want to tell you how much I shelled out at Loomis and Curry’s yesterday on this stuff:
So, what’s all this then! My newest foray into the crafting world, inspired by the fabulous work of Brian Sawyer

I get to deface a book and call it art!!!!

This is the book in question (which I am using with the kind permission of the author).
No commentary intended on the quality of the book itself – this was the closest thing we landlord/tenant types had to a Bible until the statute recently changed and the new Gospel According to Jack came down from on high.

Rather, the book fits my intended theme perfectly – Feudalism in the Modern Age. We’ll see if it works.

On top of the book is an angel hole cutter. Check this out!

Legal angels! Courtesy of my weekly professional reading requirement:
(I read it already. I promise. I didn’t just look at the job ads like everyone else does…)

Anyway, a great excuse for some cool new art toys. And I’m sure JJ will be thrilled when he comes home from work to find the kitchen table covered with the latest socio-political-artistic endeavour. I can just hear him now. “Oh, grrrrrrreat, some morrrre piles of crrrap in the living room.”

Here, for the record, is one of JJ’s living room piles of crrrrrap – and it’s not Scottish, so I can say that!

NB: the maps were a laundry room find last evening. JJ was enthralled. And now I have something to throw back at him the next time he rolls his eyes when I say I’m heading down to the laundry room without laundry.

And, here’s another:

They who live in glass hooses shouldnae throw stones, ey Jimmy?

(I will not use the word “Jock”, even in jest. It’s forbidden in this house. Were I to even think about using it, JJ – far away at work – would know, and would invoke the spirit of William Wallace to come and smite me where I sit.

Even though JJ is actually Irish …[ducking to avoid the sword of Braveheart]).

But, again, I digress. I should note that there are many items here which are from the Stash of Brouhaha:

Leftover playing cards from law school days! Some people preferred to meet at the Duke of York and play hearts and 21 rather than attend class. Not me, of course. However, I did teach them 31 (the greek version of 21 – we Greeks have been such trendsetters for aeons. Unlike, mind you, the Scottishers who just ran around painting themselves blue for centuries and couldn’t even fight off the pantywaist English… I’d better duck!). Hours of amusement…

Memories of Refrigerators Past.

This, for the historical record, is the current JB Household Fridge Display:
And you know I’m not going to let this one go with just one photo…

Gotta Love the Dollar Store!
A little light pinko humour:

Akbar and Jeff – my favourite cartoon!

Warning: Adult content ahead!

This is JJs contribution to the fridge decor. It was one of the few things he brought with him when emigrating from Scotland. It’s actually the back of a business card:

Ah, those Brits. Such a sense of style and class! Sounds like my kind of pub, actually…

Requisite Landlord/Tenant legal commentary:

And on that note, back to the main topic – artistic commentary on the state of the law…

Some more stash items:

luxury (but free) glossies from the Store of Liquors. And, yesterday’s fun at work: reproducing Landlord and Tenant Board decisions on coloured paper:

(check out this paragraph.

If anyone can give me a good reason why the member put the word “whorehouse” in quotation marks, it’s worth a pint of Keith’s.)

Anyway, onwards and upwards! Must clean the house before starting on this. Hey Jock! D’ye think Braveheart would help with a spot of pile-shifting???)

But before I leave you, please note that on this day in 1558, the Virgin Queen succeeded to the throne of England. (Help!! Braveheart is coming for me…!!!!!aaugugughghghgh….).


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