many forms of craftiness

When dancing to work this morning, a sign on a new shop across the street from where I was at actually made me stop in my tracks. It said Craft something (I really need to clean my glasses more often).

I peered more closely past the oncoming traffic and saw the second part of the sign:


This confused me as I was still hung up on the “Craft” bit. What kind of craft shop could this be? Would they, for example, sell stuff like this? (Another one for the “Wish I’d thought of that!!!” list, which is up to vol. 7 or so at time of writing this post.)

I was too lazy to cross over and investigate, but of course fired up my trusty search engine as soon as I reached the office (only a short break, of course, before immersing myself into high level legal research all day!):
This is what I found on Craft Burger.

Dang. It really is a burger joint after all. Not only that, but a “gourmet” burger joint. Isn’t “gourmet burger” an oxymoron?

Just what Toronto needs… another fancydan house of burgers. And, given its location right in the heart of Prime Condoland, a burger with fries and a drink would doubtless set me back the same amount of cash as a skein of Handmaiden anything. (This, when I just picked up 3 kilos of extra lean ground beef at Loblaws for something ridiculous like $15.00!)

I know how I’d rather spend my (hard-?)earned cash. But then, who am I to dis other crafters, anyway?!?

Anyway, probably just as well there isn’t a new real craft place two blocks from the office. As it is, one of my well-meaning co-workers came in this morning with an “announcement” for me – a new LYS is about to open. On Thursday, of all days – that most hallowed of the bi-monthly spending holiday known as Payday. Sigh. Thanks, W!

Luckily it is well out of my way (it’s east of the Don, and anyone who has lived in Toronto for more than about 20 minutes knows that it is not the done thing to cross the Don unless you absolutely must, for work). So, I’ll probably be able to hold out until the 1 December Payday holiday.

Or (says Good Kristina) until I work my way through more of the stash. I’m still hacking away at that. Right now, a lovely piece with Handmaiden Silken:

Trying to make a sow’s ear from a silken purse! (now I’m taking the cliche school a bit too far, I think)… Not really. Stay tuned!

And – getting some home decor ideas from Amy Sedaris. This may well be the only time I will ever buy an Issue of House and Garden (not because I don’t like home decor – only I keep waiting for them to come out with “Apartment and Balcony Flowerbox” (with such tidbits as “how do you secure a flowerbox to the balcony so as not to have it fall off and brain another tenant, inspiring an eviction application for serious impairment of safety”. And stay tuned for the monthly centrefold, “Haute Couture for $30 or less”, sponsored by Value Village.

On that happy note, I’d best sign off. In parting, today I am glad to note that I’ll be celebrating two important milestones in history:

(a) Greece adopted a new constitution in 1864 (three short years before Canada became a country and came up with its own constitution . Coincidence?) and

(b) Sadie Hawkins Day was created in 1939, two years after Sadie’s birth (she seemed awfully precocious!).


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