screaming and fit to be tied

These days, there are so many Treasures from Trash around the building that I can’t keep track on a daily basis.

I’ve taken to going to the laundry room every night to check out the scene. I have probably been more times to the laundry room in the past 3 weeks than in the three years I lived here previously (on that note, I give great thanks for the existence of Wash ‘n Folds)!

Here was the score from last Saturday:
A 2 1/2’x 1′ picture frame (with broken glass removed). Very light, and thus perfect for a future objet d’art based on The Scream

When working at the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal as Duty Counsel, I always had half a mind to put a print of this up on my cubicle wall (to echo the sense of landlords and tenants’ caterwauling at each other). Now that I may be heading back there in a while, I may make this dream a reality.

Pickings have been slim this week in the laundry room. I suspect I shall have to wait until the end of the month again when it’s moving time.

Another recycled treasure I’m working on at present…

What do you get when you take this Daniel Hechter top ($4 at Goodwill):

…and these neckties ($1 each at Goodwill):

… and these seed beads from the stash!

A modern straightjacket (in progress!)

Stay tuned! I should be finished it later today.

I also finally located my bag of leather scraps, so with any luck I’ll get around to putting some patches on my new Gap suedelike jacket (laundry room score).

But first, I must do some of that dreaded task called HOUSEWORK.

And, on this grey Remembrance Day, I will also be giving some thought to the sacrifices of those who died in wars fighting on behalf of Canada, and all of the other victims of wars – and wishing for peace.




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