more blasts from the past

…although with the first one, at least, I’d rather say “damn and blast” because:

(a) it’s way too 80s to actually wear; and
(b) there have appeared in it some mysterious holes. Grr.

I came across both of these when excavating the spare room closet looking for winter wear (why, when they are calling for 22 C/75 F or thereabouts weather today, you might well ask. I have no answer that makes any sense):

1. David

This pattern came originally from Knitting Masterpieces. If anyone ever comes across a copy, either snatch it up for yourself or consider a “donation” to me … I have long lost the copy I, ahem, liberated from the local public library at the time (what goes around, they do say, comes around). My WHAM! sweater comes from the same pattern book. There are wonderful patterns in it although I imagine the shapes are now rather dated. In the vague mists of the history in my brain (which can be very vague indeed) there is a wonderful sweater based on a Monet painting.

Anyway, this was made… oh, 18 years ago or so in my foolish youth and well before the word “intarsia” became the equivalent of two four-letter words in my household.

In case the front isn’t recognisable, the sleeves tell you the provenance of the original image:

(in case this is not instantly legible, it reads “Michelangelo”, despite the fact that my tortured brain this morning views it as “Hell’s Angels” for some odd reason… )

And just in case you’re not sure who David is: I love Wikipedia!!!
Cool, eh? (on second thought… don’t answer that!)

2. KB Bag

This is about the level of intarsia I can currently hack ;-). It is of far more recent provenance – I think I made it in April 2006 or thereabouts. Design is found in one of the Debbie Stoller books – I think “Stitch n Bitch Nation” although am now too lazy to check. It may have been called the “Bowling Bag” although if I stuck a 5 lb bowling ball in here (which is all it could accommodate) I would undoubtedly drop it and break my foot. (Note: it is actually called “Letter Have It” and the designer is Georgia Coleman)

Yarn = Lett Lopi (an excellent felting yarn, by the by).

The design concept is rather obvious, I think – the colleagues got a big kick out of this bag as my longstanding nickname at work and in my field overall has been “KB” – maybe because the spelling of the full name “Kristina Brouhaha” is a bit too difficult for all those lawyers to grasp? hee hee

Anyway, this at the very least has cheered up what promises to be a gloomy day weather wise… when do we get to set forward the clocks, anyway? I detest this 6 hours of sunlight a day thing.



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