shameless consumerism

My results of the Sault Ste Marie Value Village expedition, in part:

1. Just Ducky!

Quack was starting to get lonely. Now he has a little friend… Daisy (I’m not too imaginative with the names for the birds, I must confess. It’s not my fault: I grew up in a house where the only pet was named “Budgie”.

The vase between is also a new household display piece.

2. Addicted to beads

Here is a very fancy beaded purse featuring Thumper and … I forget (I guess my amnesia is not limited to birds, actually):

Check out the happy look on Thumper’s face in contemplation of the carrot (wish I got equally excited by veggies!)

3. Scarves

Just what I needed as I’ve started a knitting scarf binge…

I also scored a floor length fancy fitted dress, 5 tops (including a cute little cashmere sweater), some books, a denim-look Eddie Bauer sweater for JJ and some other stuff… all for $96.47. (Wonder if they’d notice if I tried to put on trip expenses… hmm… kidding, of course.

Oh, and lest I forget, here is some of the new J-K household yarn:

Berocco Idol (left) and Knitpicks Cotlin (right). Am glad to report that JJ favours the beige colour for his brioche vest… which means I get the blue for myself šŸ˜‰ The sea silk is still at the office as I want to take it to the bead shop tomorrow to try to find some complimentary beads (although I may order some from Earthfaire instead).

I think that’s enough. Off to prepare some bread and water for dinner (which is now all I can afford…)


PS. Oh – I almost forgot – my Hallowe’en costume!! (also from Boutique VV):

Now I just need to find some pompoms… excuse for a trip to Dollarama (where even I can’t do much damage). I also have a big blonde wig hiding somewhere…



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