what does it all mean, really?!

A non-knitting-related post today just because I’m feeling all wired up and have no knitting stuff to share.

It’s Election Day here and I’m completely demoralised. There is quite literally no one to vote for. SIGH. I’m only dragging myself to the polls because of the referendum on electoral reform … but I’m uncharacteristically apathetic this year.

So, on that topic I searched “between a rock and a hard place” on Google and came up with this fascinating (to me) link: What’s the Meaning of This?. To me, a terrific time-wasting page which explains the actual meanings of all those cliches we spout off.

Am wearing the Intoxicating today. The coworkers all love it. I think I shall have to make another one!

I don’t really have any other wisdom to share (when do I ever, really?) so will sign off.

Edited to add: Holly ROCKS!!!! I just received a care package from her at the office. I had been promised a bag of American chips. This is what I got:

– one bag Fritos Chili Cheese corn chips
– one bag Pringles Select – szechuan chili flavour
– “Recipe from the Heart” cookbook – AND…

one skein Tilli Tomas Simply Heaven in Novea melon colour; and some Sari Silk!!!

Thanks ever so!! I feel so special now, I’m not even depressed about the election anymore.




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