Finishing frenzy…

Well, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and get over my fear of seaming/finishing.

So, in this regard, I have put off procrastinating on the Intoxicating… the sleeves are blocking and in the process of being dried with a space heater and I have finished the body:

(the fact that it looks pretty good as a vest may not aid my anti-seaming stance any, but hey…). Goal is to finish it tonight if the sleeves are dry enough.

And – in my true waffling spirit I am again changing my Do Something New project for October for the Do Something New KAL – lining not one, but two, knitted bags!! Without an operational sewing machine this is a real chore and between that and my hatred of sewing I have been putting this off… er, for well over a year. So – high time to get to it.

Here are the “before” pictures:

Bag from Big Girl Knits
(can’t remember the name of the bag… sorry – it’s been too long. Yarn= Super 10, doubled)

(b) Denim KB Bag

This was my adaptation of a denim bag from Weekend Knits. Yarn: some horrendous stiff German denim cotton which I will never use again (my hands were stained for almost six months… er, a few days after knitting this):

These will be complete and ready to use by the end of October. Since I have never lined a bag before, I don’t know how great they will be. However, both of these bags really need lining to have any structure, as they are heavy.

And, finally, here are some outdoor pics of the Tuscany in progress – close to the real colours:

Happy Monday!


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