new toy!!!

I got a new camera yesterday… so we’ll see if my photo-taking ability will be miraculously improved overnight!

Here’s a snap of the (just finished!) River Rock scarf with the old camera:

And here are some snaps with the new: (a) Pewter:
and (b) Peridot:

Hmm… looks as though I will have to read that booklet after all! More pics tomorrow of the completed River Rock as modelled on the balcony by Aphrodite.

Here will be my October proect for the Do Something New KAL: the task will be learning to knit cables without a needle:

From the Twilley Denim Freedom booklet:

I got the Twilley Denim yarn on sale last month! šŸ˜‰ in two colours.

Now, back to the Intoxicating sleeves, then the Tuscany, then… AUGH! Too many choices! Must also come up with a vest for Pieheart’s Vest KAL on the Knittyboard – probably the Back To School vest in Fitted Knits. Hmm.


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