Niagara Falls? – just ducky!

(Sometimes it strikes me that I would have an excellent career coming up with cryptic crossword clues – despite the fact that I couldn’t get more than four or five answers in one to save my life!)

When I went to find my latest work-in-progress, the River Rock scarf, this morning at the unheavenly hour of 5:30 a.m. (the clock, after all, is ticking on my KAL deadline of 30 September!), it was not in its usual place on the living room table. I searched underneath the piles of newspapers ON the table… no joy. I then hunted throughout the apartment in my usual careless storage spaces – the vegetable crisper, the top of the toilet tank, etc. etc. No sign of my River Rock. I couldn’t help but think that perhaps my mother had driven down from Kingston in the dead of night and absconded with it…! Until I thought to look on the balcony.

Well, here’s what I found:

Apparently Quack enjoys the slippery sleek properties of Handmaiden Silken as much as I do!

Luckily I was just in time to rescue him from the inevitable devastation of rubber hitting concrete – I wouldn’t want his battery mechanism destroyed, after all! (Don’t ask…). After a stern scolding, I took him and my precious UFO inside.

But not right away – I did have time to snap a couple of photos first. Sorry to bore you in the event that you are not as fascinated with Handmaiden as I am!

I have introduced a second colour into the scarf, although I’m not sure that these photos quite pick up the full glory of both colours. Here are both of them together:

This is the (new to the scarf) Peridot colourway:
…and this is the lovely Pewter.

I must say that this will be the finest piece I’ve ever knitted. I’m in love with it already. Am tempted to wear it to work as is… but I don’t know how well the Addi lace needles work as a fashion accessory. Besides, knowing me I’d probably manage to put an eye out while struggling to stay standing on the subway.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.



PS. Another stressor to start the day off right: I just learned that Nutella might not be health food after all… see the new food blog hosted by Jennifer and me!

PPS. the answer to the cryptic clue in the subject line is “crazyKB”. 😉


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