my new arrival…

… meet Aphrodite!

For now she is the newest addition to my workplace. I think the co-workers will like her for the following reasons:

– she is far less rowdy and disruptive than I
– I suspect she is smarter than me
– she won’t hoard all of the landlord/tenant texts from the library
– she doesn’t listen to Greek music incessantly in the office
– she won’t send global e-mails as the acting self-appointed office social convenor exhorting everyone to come to the pub/join in on the book swap, etc, and… last but not least…
– she doesn’t mess up the kitchen!

All that, and she has the same stellar fashion sense as I! 🙂


Age: unknown – probably in the 60-70 range
Adopted by: Kristina
Adoption Date: 29 August 2007
Legal Name: Acme A-D-J-U-S-T-A-B-L-E Dressform
Parents: Acme Dressform and L&M Adjustable Form Co.
Weight at birth: unknown
Weight at time of adoption: don’t know. Office postal scale too small
Fingers and toes: none (but I’m not concerned)
Size: A
“Vital Statistics”: 32-40″ bust, 25-33″waist, 35-43″ hips (talk about “hourglass”!)

And now for the requisite baby shot without clothing for the proud adoptive mother to show to guests and humiliate her forevermore (my own mother entered one of me in a contest when I was two and it was actually published in the Kingston Whig-Standard, but I’M NOT BITTER…!!!):

(Time to sign off. I’m starting to worry about myself.)


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