weekend warrior

1. Victory over the Goddess

Bowed and bloodied, I present to you… the Goddess by Stitch Diva!



Detail: neckline:

Detail: border and hem:

Cannot say I enjoyed knitting this too much, largely because of the very slippery yarn. This caused me to tune out and make silly mistakes, which then of course were virtually impossible to rip. Verdict: liked the pattern, hated the yarn. This was on commision from a fellow co-worker. I am modelling it although it is a tad bit small for me. As yet unblocked.

I will likely make one for myself using Handmaiden Sea Silk…

Yarn – Lang Opal Maxi, Chestnut (nylon blend) – 6 50 g skeins
Needles – 3.75 mm and 3.0 mm
Time spent – way too long (2-3 weeks)

Notes: do not use the yarn called for (Lang Opal) unless you are a far better knitter than I and not prone to booboos. I modified this pattern slightly by using a different stitch pattern on the hem (because I was sick and tired of an instruction that said “knit through the back loop twice” for every 2 stitches…

2. Morrigan – beware!

So, I decided, having just finished battle with one goddess to take up the sword (my trusted Addi Turbo lace needles) against another one… the Morrigan by Jenna Wilson in No Sheep for You.

Despite all enthusiasm, I lost Battle Number 1 when I misread the first pattern sequence:

… but, thanks to Laura’s kind help (from the NSFY blog) I finally got on the right path:

I suspect this will actually be quite fun, in the masochistic sense of the word, to knit. I have started with sleeve #1 because (a) it is smaller than the body; and (b) having seen Laura’s body of Morrigan completed, I suspect I would be tempted to just leave it as a vest otherwise! 😉 I also think I’ll finally have to teach myself that “cabling without a needle techniqu.

This will most certainly not be a “TV knitting” project. As such, it will likely take me several months.

I’m using Rowan Calmer in blush colour, Addi lace needles 3.25 mm size and Clover bamboo 3.0 mm size.

3. Kristina’s First Lace!

This is the beginning of the Montego Bay Scarf by Amy Singer in IK Summer 2007 issue. About 10 minutes worth of knitting. Started this at about 9 last night but it took me about 45 min. to cut 200 strands of yarn off for the fringe. My personal challenge (as posted on the Do Something New blog) is to have this finished by Sunday.

It has also helped me realise that I’ve been knitting YOs wrong all these years! SIGH…

Yarn: Handmaiden Sea Silk – one skein – Paris colourway (I think)
Needle Size: 5 mm


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