Lorelei at (psychedelic) sunset – done!

In the interests of stashbusting, I present myself with this fine top … a suitable antidote to a rather grey day, I thought!



For some reason it looks a bit bunched up in the photo – probably because I’m paranoid about the size of my stomach recently! SIGH.


remnants of each of the following:

– Super3 mercerized cotton (orange)
– Romni linen in two shades (red)
– SWTC soysilk (red)
– Noro Kureyon (pale variegated)
– Handmaiden Silken (bright variegated)
– Mission Falls (fuschia and peach – don’t remember the official names of the colours)
– Berocco Suede (pink)
– probably some more I’ve forgotten about…

adapted from Yarnplay by Lisa Shobhana Mason… this is a cross between the Lorelei and Poppy tops, size small

Start Date: 7 or 8 August

Needles: 4.5 mm Clover Bamboo and 4.5 mm Clover crochet hook


– this is my second stab at the Lorelei (I have had more compliments on the last one I knitted than any other top this year!). However, it was the photo of the Poppy in Shobhana’s book that inspired in part the colour choices and “layout”
– in this regard, I skipped out the eyelet rows in Lorelei and substituted ramdom purl rows against the stockinette. I think it looks quite sharp!
– other modifications: I had to adjust the stitch and row count slightly, assuming close to aran weight for the yarns I was using. I also made it a bit slimmer than the last one. (33″ around instead of 33.5″)

I love how loud it turned out, although am not 100% about the idea of alternating the orange and red stripes at the top. Oh well.

This is a tremendous scrapbuster that I would recommend to just about anyone. I think they are both very flattering patterns for many figures… and a very simple knit with minimal shaping and seaming.

Now to bore you with some close-up shots!

Detail shots:

Next off the needles: probably another Tomato, just about as loud as this top! Also working on the Goddess from Stitch Diva (on commission from a co-worker, in chestnut coloured Lang Opal Maxi) and “Gaia” (design by Haley Waxberg of Knitomatic in Toronto… yarn is Handmaiden Silk Spun).


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