who needs fireworks, anyway???

I decided to start creating my own fireworks today… with this wildly coloured Cascade fixation yarn!

Here is my completed Lorelei… not blocked yet, but wanted to post anyway!

Specs in today’s second post (together with pictures of me, perhaps a reason to avoid it… and gaudy looking vodka cooler!)

And this is the new work in progress:

And… these will be future works in progress…

To the left is allhemp 6 by Hemp for Knitting, to the right Sari silk. Thanks to those on the Knitty message Board who suggested washing these. I notice a bit improvement with the hemp in particular… the Sari silk not so much but it still did soften a bit. The hemp is my latest acquisition… and although the red linen in my stash drawer is no doubt feeling very jealous and neglected I will probably be using that one next.

As for the He Gansey… back on the shelp (just for a short while).

Oh, by the way… Happy Canada/Dominion Day!!!


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