Lorelei in progress…

This is the new “TTC tank” I am working on – by Shobhana Mason in her book Yarnplay. However, I’m so happy with the pattern that I am cheating and working on it off the subway as well – started on Monday this past week.

Here’s a couple of shots of how I hope Lorelei looks when she grows up…

Claire – 28 April post

The photography skills of both Betty and Claire are clearly far superior to mine as well!!

And here’s my work in progress – bottom almost done:

I’m using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for most of it.

… and where is the He Gansey, you might ask? Still in progress. Only the sleeves left to go. Will get back to it today… really, I will!

I went yesterday to the LYS and bought some Hemp for Knitting (allhemp 6) in periwinkle and pumpkin. End goal – yet another T-shirt! (a girl can’t have too many… apparently).


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