Bacardi – done!

Hi all:

I’ve finished the Bacardi (or, as I call it, the Cuba Libre)!

It’s still somewhat damp from steaming last evening, but I couldn’t wait!!


Pattern: designer Barbara Gregory, from the book No Sheep for You by Amy Singer
Yarn: Super 10, 6 skeins – #3334, 3456, 3944, 3871, 3428, 3784
Needles: 4mm (addi); 3.75 mm (aero circular)
Size: second smallest (34.5″, I think)


– I would recommend this pattern to anyone! The results belie the (relatively easy) knitting of it.
– make sure, however, if you do knit this that you have sufficiently long needles for the border (which is picked up and knit all around). I didn’t, leading to a few dropped stitches and curses!
– This also had the virtue of fitting quite well (pre-blocking). It is, however, quite close fitting on me and I will probably end up using it more as a standalone sweater than a jacket. I hope to post an “action photo” while hanging out at the waterfront this week on holidays (although trust me to finish a cardigan during 30 plus degree weather! SIGH)

Now – off to a week’s break in Kingston/Ottawa and probably very little knitting (although, stupidly enough given the fact that it will be steaming hot, I am taking the He Gansey with me as it is at a very easy stage). I may also get to finish off the TTC tank…

For projects coming up, see below (17 June – and happy belated, Mom!).


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