all star line up…!

Now that I’m almost finished the Bacardi, time to decide what to do next.

Of course, this summer was supposed to be the Summer of Stashbusting… that is, until I visited my two LYSs on payday and shortly thereafter at the beginning of June.

So, what will it be next? Hmmm…

(this one does involve a bit of stashbusting… with the purple Cotton Fleece – which would make me feel very virtuous…)

…or this one…

(the yarn was purchased when I went to pick up the accent colours for Lorelei, above. So much for virtuosity! As a concept, it’s overrated, I think…)

…then there is always this one:

(this may be an accident waiting to happen, as I have heard mixed reviews about the Sari silk and tops. But it’s just so purdy… and the tension is right for the pattern. So, hey.)

… and last but not least, this one:

(which will be my first full attempt at knitting with linen. Couldn’t resist the colour.)

And, of course, there is the He Gansey which I started and about which my ever-patient DH enquires from time to time…

Decisions, decisions!

Happy workweek! (I’m off. Ha ha ha).


PS. Happy birthday, Mom!!! I will start on the Christmas present soon. I promise. Really. And you’ll love it! šŸ˜‰


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