new dress!

I’m sad to say that I have not been able to photograph this in a way that does it justice. However, I’m quite happy with the result (although I would tweak it a bit)…

(headless wonder shot)

(fuzzy attempts at self-portrait in a bedroom which was really supposed to be cleaned this past week during our week off – oh well…)

(on the hanger – doesn’t look as good there as on, I don’t think)…

Yarns: Trendsetter “Segue” (polyamide ribbon) and Fleece Articst Curlilocks
Needle size: 9 mm plus 7 mm crochet hook
Time spent: 10 hours approx
Design by: ME!

I am motivated to keep working on the design and can already see where I went “wrong” and what I would like to change. I think I’ll try it next in some Berroco Suede (which I bought to do a very funky handbag, before making about 50 other funky handbags… would rather make a dress. Plus, another excuse for a trip to the LYS as I will not have enough to finish the dress).


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