a week in the (so-called) life…!

Well, actually, I must confess that it has been a great life this week and accordingly I’ve been able to allot a disprortionate amount of time to knitting! Ribbing section of a sweater, two tank tops and other WIPs later, here is the progress report:

I kicked off the week in uncharateristically selfish fashion by starting on the He Gansey from the No Sheep book for DH:

… but then I got bored with the colour, which was DH’s choice (sorry, DH, I should never have asked your preference…) so I turned my thoughts to the other items posted below… and to colour choices for the Bacardi cardigan from the same book for ME…

… which I will probably start on Monday or Tuesday after I have finished this little dress…

… and also this (which involves no little frogging of the way-too-large boxer shorts)…

Colour me (apart from the grey gansey yarn) obsessed!!! It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing week (and I did even manage to fit in a few social events and a trip or two) – and I will have great difficulty going back to the office on Monday. But – I’ve got to pay for all this yarn somehow… 😉


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