recycled sweater bags

I was very happy to come across several wool sweaters in my (biweekly) pilgrimage to the local Goodwill. Here are my stabs at two bags made out of one sweater. Not completely sold on them, but it was fun to work on them and a break from blankie knitting.

1. Ocean’s 13 (working title )

– background is deeper teal than it looks in the photos with the cheapo digital camera and the apartment lighting
– edging done with Noro Kureyon (lost label and don’t have colourway) in crochet – hook size 4 mm
– starfish and other details mostly with same Noro in crochet
– I intended the handles to come out wavy but am not 100% on the look
– thanks to DH for his deep sea suggestion…

2. starfish up close

3. Neckless (I know… groan!)

– same sweater as above
– edging done in crochet with Brown Sheep Burley spun -Strawberry Patch, handdyed
– detail flower in Burly Spun – Orange you glad and can’t remember the red colour, maybe Red Baron

4. detail on trim

This is rather addictive, actually. I hope to refine my technique shortly. Perhaps if I weren’t doing this work in front of CTV Newsnet shouting at politicians it would be easier… at least I’m not inclined to pitch my mug at the screen that way!


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