next challenge

Still with the Goodwill sweaters… this is one I had picked up some time back but given up on because my (baby) sewing machine doesn’t handle the sewing. Or maybe it would if I ever used it instead of going to the seamster…

(someone on a mailing list told me that the suffix -ster originally denoted the feminine. This in response to my wondering what the gender neutral term for “seamstress” is).

This time I’m trying to make a bulletin board to jazz up my (NGO beige) office. Work in progress…

I will spare you my rant on how much I hate sewing and how bad I am at it. However, I thank the kind people on the Knitty board and on the Woolly Thoughts mail list, some of whom were patient enough to read this rant and then kind enough to post suggestions and response. I have decided to sew this one using a matching thread and use it as a practice piece for the funkier coloured one I plan to do next.


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