Knitting – it’s radical, man.

OYes, yes, I know – my lingo is slightly behind the times. What exactly did you expect from someone who prefers musical selections from old dead British crooners a la Rat Pack?

However, I’m prepared to be wowed by new concepts, particularly when I’m in a bit of a knitting funk. So, I was very glad to come across some web pages yesterday with some fresh knitting ideas.

First, how about some radical lace?

This is a photo taken at an art show in New York back in early 2007 – the work is by Cal Lane. I wish I’d thought of that, frankly.

It reminds me of some of the art knitting in this book that I had bought some time back:

And no, they don’t mean this kind of New Wave:

Tainted looooove… doo doo… tainted loooove…


But I digress…(and hey, at least it’s not the Rat Pack!)

It all seems a bit closer to this, actually:

And, after all, what’s a little madness between friends?

Now I want to start working on some fancy lace creations, such as this one by Anne Wilson…

In my virtual travels, I also came across some funky knit “graffiti” type stuff by a group called Knitted Landscape. How about a tulip in the snow, for example?

Or, perhaps you prefer the idea of a day on the beach?

Now I’m full of ideas all of a sudden. So many, that I’m not quite sure what to do.

Ah – eureka! Given some of my obsessions, it should have been quite obvious, no?

A knitted rubber duckie! Although, is it truly a “rubber duckie” if it’s knitted??? Hmm….

Well, why not? I just found a website called Unifly Rubber Yarn Products!!!

I guess it’s official… the possibilities are, in fact, endless.


So, if you could knit any object you wanted, what would it be? Tell me… come on… don’t be shy!

Happy Friday!


save the duckies!!

Yesterday, I learned with great dismay that the ongoing existence of rubber duckies in our society is at peril!

The poor ducks are yet again being libelled as all being carriers of Bisphenol A or BPA, and words like “contamination” are being bandied about! And, they’re selling replacement “enviro-friendly” ducks here in Toronto for $10. Methinks this is just another scam to separate us from our hard-earned dollars, frankly.

I’m now very, very concerned about my own little Duck Family – I’m really hoping that the authorities don’t come and round them up in the middle of the night. I’ve encouraged them to go into hiding (or to move to Sudbury, Ontario, where duckies are valued highly – they have a Duck Derby every year with a top prize of $10,000 to the lucky duck who wins!) However, brave souls that they are, they are intending to march on Queen’s Park instead:

But fear not, all. Quack has advised me that they are calling in reinforcements to help them in this struggle for their very lives!

An obviously fabulous artist called Florentijn Hoffman is the genius behind them.

Take that, duck haters!!!

A very happy Wednesday to you all. Must go off and prepare the duck shelter now…