happy new year from Cleo and Patch!

Hi all:

Happy new year!!! Bonne annee!!! Kali hronia!!! miaow miaow miawo brrrppp… (English, French, grik and cattish, in case you didn’t know).

Yes, yes, we know we are a  bit tardy in wishing you all the best in 2012.  Explanation, not excuse: we are, after all, cats.  We operate on a different schedule from you guys.  In addition, we have been extremely busy napping, checking out wrapping paper, eating, napping again and hitting the hydroponic catnip from Niagara Region that our dear slave Kristina brought us for Christmas.

Having said all that, we thought it was time to emerge and show you some photos of us:

The King and Queen of Broadview (King on the left)

Cleo "Banana" Brouhaha

Patch "Ali Pasha" Brouhaha

Help! It's Cleo here!! That evil woman who lives here is keeping me prisoner in this shoebox!!!"

"Worry not, my fair Cleo! I, Patch Ali Pasha Gaspacho, shall save you from the dreaded wench and her evil shoebox!!!"

"Yeah, whatever, big bad macho Patch cat.... I've managed to escape by myself... as usual."

"Oh... heh heh... oops... sorry hon. I was caught up finishing this photoshoot for the Ecco shoe store chain!!!"

Anyway, time to have another nap…er, sign off.  So, on behalf of me, Patch and the evil lady who does not give us anything like enough treats (3 times a day is hardly adequate for snacks, don’t you all agree?!?!)…

Cleo Brouhaha


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