in case you needed a laugh…

Guess who this is (circa … ahem… I don’t wish to say.  Suffice it to say that I am turning 39 this year August.  Yes, I will really be 39 for the first time.  But I may stop there for a few years.  My mother, may I say, is quite peeved this year as now technically she can no longer say she is 39… heh heh). 

kb in greek drag

Yup.  Me in full Grik drag.  And let me tell you… I HATED this costume.  That would be the costume that my puir wee beleaguered grandmother in Greece probably stayed up many, many nights sewing for me.  Now that I’m a crafter, I can appreciate the effort.  Back then, I completely despised having to wear this bloody thing (including, by the way, the organ grinder monkey cap which weighed at least 3 pounds… no word of a lie) in June every year at the $&#(@$*&(#*$@#& Folklore festival… AND dance in it.  

I would have traded it in a heartbeat for a Brownie or Girl Guide uniform.  Alas, when you were Grik-Canajan in Kingston in the 1970s    1980s well I can’t really get away with being 10 and under in the 1980s anymore, can I?   1970s, you were not allowed to go to Brownies or Girl Guides.  There was some law about it, I think.  Or rather, we had to spend what seemed like every *($*)#@($*)@#($ night at GREEK SCHOOL.  

But now that I see the costume again, 30  ahem, many years later… it actually looks kinda cute.  

The fake-o wood panelling behind me… now, that’s another story.  I guess I managed to give away my age just through that image alone!!!

Happy weekend!



8 thoughts on “in case you needed a laugh…

  1. fuguestateknits says:

    You in LONG HAIR! Wild!
    39! Why I’m practically old enough to be your mother,LOL!
    Geez, you were born while I was watching sit-ins and protests against the war in Vietnam (note: I was NOT old enough to be at Kent State, however!)
    So, do ya speek any Greek??? That alone would make it worth it!
    Take care,

  2. Jennefer Laidley says:

    Nice! I had a similar outfit, only Ukrainian. Flowers in hair, long trailing ribbons, poufy white blouse, little red shoes, the works. Ah, being ethnic. It’s so great, no?

  3. A says:

    Wait, wasn’t that taken at your last house warming party? 🙂

    Btw, you’re not turning 39. You’re celebrating the 9th anniversary of your 30th birthday.

  4. Darx says:

    You are so adorable and yet it is easy to see you are rather miserable wearing that getup from the look on your face. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kathy Kathy Kathy says:

    I swear, I looked pretty much a lot like you when I was kid–only I didn’t have the cool dress. Like me, you have a face that looks good in hats. So, you’re blogging again. Yay!!

  6. Batty says:

    Hey, I went to Serbian school every Friday afternoon, for 4 hours. I can relate. And to the funky folkwear… the version from the area my parents are from has a vest with coins on it and more layers than is practical unless you live in Alaska. You’re not alone. I, too, would have given a body part to fit in… but growing up black-haired and heavily eyebrowed (seriously, when i don’t wax, those things look like woolly caterpillars!) in Germany meant there was no chance of that.

  7. Daphne says:

    kb…i have a bohemian version of this very image (didn’t havea buckskin that fit me back then…haha) …same era…same panelling…lol. and if it makes you feel better i remind you that ina couple of months, as you are stillenjoying your last hurrah in this decade, i will be passing into the next one! no worries….life begins at 40….the rest is just practice!! daph

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