get your House in order…

WARNING/ATTENTION: there will be some political content in this post. I know, I know… it’s been a long time. However, the media here in Canada keep telling us there is a political crisis…and if you stick around you might find something of interest in the post…)

An open letter to all Canadian federal non-Conservative politicians: that is, the NDP, the Bloc Quebecois and most especially the Liberals:

Get it together, people.

First of all, you try to overthrow the government that was elected not even two months ago. And believe me, I’m not a big fan of that situation.

So, you come up with this coalition thing. The Liberals and the New Democrats got together, got the support of the BQ, and were making a guid effort to overthrow a government just recently re-elected. Hats off to you.

Until, that is, it came time for the Prime Minister to address the nation on this the other night. He showed up on time. He spoke. He didn’t say much, but it wasn’t contested.

Why not??? Because this guy, the Leader of the Opposition, didn’t make his appointment for the media address:

Wow, Stephane… the one place you had to show up on time, and you didn’t!!

But why was that? My thoughts… because these two guys, who are fighting for Mr. Dion’s job…

…oh, I’m not allowed probably to say what I think. Suffice it to say they made sure Mr. Dion didn’t show to address the nation.

So now our Prime Minister has had Parliament suspended until January 2009. This in a time of supposed economic crisis, mind you.

Meanwhile, the two guys above, (right) Mr. Michael “I lived outside Canada for 28 years and am a publically known intellectual” Ignatieff and Mr. Bob “I was the socialist Premier of the Province of Ontario who opened the door to the arch-conservatives, and then became a Liberal because NDP wasn’t where it was at” Rae have found some big long knives and are using them to vie for the next Prime Minesterial position, without an election.

Confused? So am I. I actually like the idea of a coalition overthrowing the Harper Conservatives, and it could work… if the Liberals could actually figure out who is supposed to be in charge.

So, Coalition people, just know: THE DUCKIES ARE WATCHING!!!!

And, by the way, this situation has taken its toll on the Matriarch of my wee duckie family. Remember Daisy?

She was the silver one to the left of the yellow vase. The silver variety of duck, I should let you know, is among the most rare and prized.

Well, in the stress of all of this, she has clearly turned yellow, as you can see when you look at her sitting next to the yellow vase in the photo above.  Here is a new photo of her…


She appears to have lost some weight as well.

She is faring OK health-wise, just in case you were worried… but only through some serious nurturing and caregiving from her silver-haired colleague and mentor:

So, all this to say, fair politicians: you guys are hurting real live Canadians with all of this nonsense.  Get your house in order.  I have, although I’m not willing to show you any photos yet. 

Yours very truly, 


Barrister, Solicitor, Big Mouth, etc. and so on and so forth, B.A., LL.B ,


4 thoughts on “get your House in order…

  1. Sequana says:

    Here you are, sneaking in on a Sunday nite! I was just getting ready to turn off this thing.

    I don’t feel bad for you at ALL. We, down here, have just come thru almost two YEARS of political crap; and even tho we finally have a PEOTUS, there are still court cases questioning his birth certificate. *sigh*

    Nice job on the duckie, Mr. Mentor.

  2. Joan says:

    In reply to Sequana – TWO years???!!!!! more like EIGHT!!!!
    I feel yer pain, O Canada! (I was wondering if the other guy won, if they’d let in a 54-year-old attorney for children (no, huh?)

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