the See You Jimmy sandwich

Well, JJ got very perturbed at the fact that I have started foodie content on the blog without consulting him.

And JJ, when he gets perturbed, is a fearful character indeed…

So, I’m forced to reproduce his brand new sandwich recipe here.  However, despite my telling him that he needs a catchy sandwich title in order to capture the interest of the Food Network, he didn’t want to play.  I warned him that if he left me to my own naming devices, he might be in some trouble, but – more fool him – he trusts me.

So, here is the bored Scottish pensioner See You Jimmy Sandwich (drumroll and bagpipe whine, please).

1.  Take a fresh Scottish bap and cut it in half.

(No, we don’t usually store them on the oven burners.  And for those who have never seen a bap, it is simply a soft roll with flour brushed on top.  Use any bun or bread, but don’t tell JJ I said so, eh?).

I’m also not including instructions for cutting the bap/bun/other bread in half.  I reckon you’ve got that covered already.

2.  Slice some old cheddar cheese.

You know what the lovely part of this is?  Don’t bother buying the expensive cheese, especially if you live near a Loblaws. Try your no-name old cheddar instead.  I’m a bit of a cheese snob, but this one is better than that other Ag-ed brand that starts with “B” and costs twice as much.  Really.

3.  Slice some leftover ham.

Yeah, yeah, I know – that photo doesn’t look so fabulous on the burner.  But it was guid, really.  This was the rest of the Thanksgiving ham that my mommy made us.  JJ says that in a stretch, you can go with Black Forest ham or even that plain old cooked ham.

4.  Spread some of this liberally on the bap, on both sides.

What is this, exactly?  It is Greek sour cherry preserve.  I came back from the Greek deli with this last week all excited, and told JJ “what you do is put a spoonful of this in ice water, let it sit, eat it and then drink the water which is then flavoured with the sour cherry”.  He looked at me and said “Lassie, why wuid ah dew that if ah have whisky in the hoose???”.

But apparently he got all excited about it today and decided to use it as a sandwich spread.

5.  Layer the sliced cheese and ham on top, and eat.

That’s it.  Now, luckily this delicacy was made and consumed while I was still at work.  I must confess that I’m not in a hurry to try it.  However, it is imaginative and perhaps we can actually sell the concept.

And if we do, we’ll be millionaires, I suppose.  Goddess alone knows I’m not getting all that far with my endeavours!

So, where did the name come from for the sandwich?  From this guy:

Who is he?? A marker of the guy in Glasgow who was told “See you Jimmy…” (but not in a guid way… something like “See you Jimmy… yer gettin a kick up the arse”.  “Jimmy” is used as a generic name in Scotland, much like “buddy” in the US or “guy” here in Canada – or so ah’m telt.

In this regard, they sell “Jimmy bonnets” as joke gifts both in Scotland and here.

Hmm… now I’m hungry… mebbe ah’ll jest try one a them Jimmy sandwiches now!

Ahem… well, mebbe not.  But if you do try one, let me know how you found it!




8 thoughts on “the See You Jimmy sandwich

  1. Helen says:

    I think if JJ tried to eat that in Glasgow somebody would tell him he was a poof. Jam on ham indeed. But it is interesting that meat and preserves are a British combination – jam and cheese I think of as English, specifically the North of England (which starts just outside London almost) – but both Scotland and England put preserves with meat. Rowan jelly with venison is a Scottish example.

    But most of all I’m falling about at the ‘old cheese’ – never, ever would anything appear in a British supermarket with the word ‘old’ on it – especially not cheese. We use the rather more dignified ‘mature’, because like a woman a cheese never gets old, it just matures.

  2. Darcy says:

    I have to disagree, respectfully, with Helen. When I lived in Glasgow, I was witness to my boyfriend’s brother eating the following concoction: toast with baked beans, cheese, baked beans, tuna and… grape jelly. Now granted, tuna and ham are not quite the same, but close enough, I think. This was the same guy who turned up his nose at my pizza because I used, gasp, mozzarella cheese. I still shudder when I think of the tuna/beans/jelly meal. Blech!

  3. Holly B the Snotty One says:

    I am a go with the meat and jelly…but I was thinking about replacing the bun on my McDonald’s quarter pounder with doughnuts the other day…

    It’s like cranberry sauce (real, not canned, thank you) and turkey. It’s all de-lightful!

  4. clarabelle says:

    Hmm, I’ve come across the sandwich ‘recipe’ a few times in the past, usually from some hairy-a*sed ex-boyfriend, who played rugby quite a lot. Erm, not saying that it says anything about JJ or anything, Kristina… I mean, he looks a sane sort of a guy, yes?

  5. Amy says:

    The ham and preserves sound yummy, I probably would ask to hold the cheese, though. Not because I have anything against cheese (of any age) but I’m just not sure I care for it with preserves. But that’s just me. I really think JJ might be onto something.

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