the mad preserver strikes again!

Well, I couldn’t help myself. You see, I had to go to the local farmers’ market on Saturday to replenish our stocks of produce and fruit.

(And, of course, a wee treat for JJ: apricot loaf!

Looks decent, eh? It’s all gone now!!)

Then I got home and realised that I’ve been bringing in produce etc at a rate that JJ we just can’t seem to come up with.

What to do with all of the leftover stuff? Why, get my cauldron going, of course!

And find my special preserving outfit to go with the cauldron…

And… voila!!!

This one is blueberry and apricot jam with lemon zest and lime juice.  It’s my first effort in making jam without pectin, which just means that you have to boil the fruit mixture a lot longer.  There is also a little extra ingredient in there… cherry tomatoes (I didn’t have enough of the blueberries and apricots, so had to improvise.  Not telling my chief taster, JJ, about the tomatoes though!!!)

And here’s another experiment:

This one is mixed bell pepper jelly with rice vinegar and rosemary.  The experimental component: midway through I realised I didn’t have enough sugar.  So, I’m not sure it will set.  But what the hey…

I also had a heap of fresh herbs, so decided to make some Sassy Scarborough Fair oil.

Parsley, garlic, rosemary and thyme… with some lemon zest added.  The garlic and the lemon are the “sassy” components.  I don’t like sage.

So, please do wish me luck – and don’t tell JJ about the tomatoes, eh?

Happy Monday!  Today is a holiday for us up here – yippee, yahoo, etc!!!  No big plans although there will surely be some patio or other calling our names out later this afternoon.


6 thoughts on “the mad preserver strikes again!

  1. Sequana says:

    Nice outfit……….*S*

    That apricot loaf looks(ed) wonderful…….did you even get a bite?

    Why are you doing the “boil longer” thing? Isn’t it hot enuf there already?

  2. Kathy Kathee Kathees says:

    My grandma use to make tomato jam or preserves or whatever it is. I mean the one with lots of pieces. She made green tomato stuff and red tomato stuff, just as you’d make preserves/jam, with the sugar and all that. I was a big fan of the red. I did like the fried green tomatoes, though.

  3. Barb says:

    Happy No Work Day! LOL The apricot loaf look just yummy, and I am sure it was! Don’t worry, not a word from me about the tomatoes. They may give it a nice little ZING!

    Your preserves look great. You certainly are a woman of many talents!

    Let us know how the new job goes!

  4. clarabelle says:

    The preserving is looking brilliant, and glad to see that you’re wearing witch-haute-couture whilst overseeing the bubbling cauldron!

    We went brambling again yesterday (ah, we’re just so daring!), and I’ve made bramble and apple jelly this morning – looks yummy. You know, I’ve never used pectin, and never had a problem getting stuff to set, other than strawberries, which are a swine…

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