slip slidin’ away…

Well, His Excellency JJ, Ruler of the Remote, has finally managed to guilt me into making him some new slippers. Admittedly, the last ones I made him, depicted above, have seen better days.

In this regard, I had bought a new pattern … um… two months ago or so. And then I went off knitting for a while (and I’m still not 100% back on my previous zealous track, I must confess). And then I started two lace shawls while ignoring forgetting about my promise to JJ to make some slippers.

That’s when the above sad looking tattered specimens made their reappearance on the otherwise pampered feet of JJ. He is nothing if not subtle. He didn’t bother to mention that he was wearing ragged slippers, but waited patiently for me to stop ignoring this notice. And then waited some more.

Finally, last evening, he stuck his feet up in the air all of a sudden while we were watching Food Safari, waving his puir wee nekkid wee heels which were sticking out of the chequerboard slippers and bellowed said in his usual dulcet tone:

Lassie, when am ah gettin mah new slipperrrrrrs?!?!?

So, today after work, I stopped in at Knitomatic and finally bought some feltable yarn:

Lamb’s Pride Worsted, in Turkish Olive and Kiwi. The colour choice, thankfully, has met with the approval of His Nibs.

And, I’m proud to announce that I was completely selfless in this mission – I did not buy any yarn for myself!!! Hard to believe, eh?

I should, however, mention that I did have to buy this mag and I suspect that there won’t be much content there for JJ:

I was taken in particular with two of the patterns I saw within, and couldn’t resist:

These Europeans know what they’re doing with design, I tell you. And – such stashbusting potential!!! I’m picturing this in either a rich blue (Madil Eden) or poppy red (Dalegarn Svale):

And as for this beauty…

…well, maybe, just maybe, I can finally start dipping into that ridiculously large Super 10 stash.

Great. Another thing to feel guilty about… cheating on my beloved Butterfly Greek Super 10 cotton because I discovered the loveliness that is laceweight silk. I’m a terrible person, really.

More evidence of this home truth: the only real reason that I didn’t buy myself more yarn was because I had already gone on a shopping binge on the lunch hour.

But hey – since I’ve been off knitting, I’ve started to run out of clothes!!

Besides, they’re just so colourful I couldn’t resist… and they’re nice and cool.

And the best part – they cost only $10 apiece! So really, I couldn’t say no, could I? Does it count as selfish when you get such a great bargain?!?

JJ: It counts as “selfish” so long as ah’ve no got mah new slippers on mah feet, ye wee bampot.

Hmph. He’s obviously getting a bit too full of oats sitting at home all day. I’ll have to hide the remote before I leave for work tomorrow just to teach him a lesson, eh?

JJ: More paw, less jaw, lassie!

OK, OK… how’s this for a start, then?

Does anyone know if they have a Bigfoot Monster in Scotland?

Happy Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “slip slidin’ away…

  1. A Lurker says:

    Hello. I’ve just discovered your blog, and am enjoying it very much. I’ve made several pairs of the felted clogs. JJ will love his new slippers.
    I’ve been meaning to ask you what you plan to make with the silk thread? I bought one skein at the knitter’s frolic, but I don’t have a pattern.

  2. tracyb says:

    That skirt is awesome. So are the capri pants. I’m a fan of anything with vertical stripes, as I am vertically challenged! And I really like the pattern for those clogs. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

  3. The non-knitting Amy says:

    Good Lawd, you didn’t waste any time getting that done, did you?

    I still haven’t bought the yarn for Mad’s orange cozy shoes and Robert has requested a pair in blue. I need to get out of this anti-knitting phase and get busy.

  4. Soo says:

    Nice purchases!

    Don’t fret the knitting lull. It happens to us all. Eventually knitting will call you again – until then I’m sure you’ll find something else to keep us amused!!!

  5. Sarah says:

    Burda has a knitting magazine??? Oh no. More magazines for me to spend my money (that I don’t really have at the moment) on. Ack!

    Oh and in case you’ve not discovered yet – Lamb’s Pride will felt by looking at it practically. I’ve never seen anything felt quite as fast. Ok. Not true. Araucania Nature Wool felted pretty damned fast too.
    (and no. I wasn’t trying to felt either one of them. I’m a horrible laundry person who has suffered the tragic results of my own carelessness one too many times. Sigh…..)

  6. angie says:

    will be interested to see the finsihed slippers as i have the exact same pattern in my to knit que!!!
    will see if i can find some lambs pride in my neck of the woods…

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