more radical knitting and UK/Canada road relations

Funnily enough, after I put up my post last Friday I happened to get a card in the mail from a colleague outside of Toronto, sporting the following image:

The knitter/artist is Lisa Anne Auerbach… and clearly I think that she is just fabulous. This sweater series had real gold knitted into it, apparently… the amount of gold influenced the price point as you will see here:

And I’ve got to make a pair of these driving gloves that I saw on her website as well:

WTF? you ask? Well, exactly. These are driving gloves that I could very much use in Toronto to illustrate some points:

In talking with Amy, however, we decided that we would have picked a different colour for the middle finger. My preference would be traffic cone orange, for that little authentic highway touch.

(photo from

Now, I’m not certain that my UK friends will get the traffic cone reference. Their traffic signs are quite different from ours…

I still can’t stop laughing about this for some infantile reason, although I assume that my UK friends know what “humps” means in North America. As a result, here they are called “speed bumps”.

I must confess, however, that I find the UK/North America reversals about traffic direction a bit curious. It seems even to be evidenced in DVD covers. Viz. this, which is the cover of a DVD I just got from the library (and JJ is still hee-hawing as I type about it):

When I looked it up on Amazon, I was amazed to learn that the UK cover looks somewhat different:

So now I’m wondering… are all of the Britcoms we get over here flipped over before we see them?!

I’d best sign off before I get too far down that particular path. Wishing you all a very happy, tranquil and non-topsy-turvy Monday.



PS. Oh, and if you’re looking for something to kill time at the office do today, check out Lisa Auerbach’s blog, The Little Red Blog of Revolutionary Knitting Whether you knit or not, I think you’ll get a kick out of it.


7 thoughts on “more radical knitting and UK/Canada road relations

  1. Kristina says:

    S – sounds like quite some ticket indeed!!

    Amy – humpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumpshumps

    Kathy – haven’t tried it yet but JJ has given it two thumbs up. 🙂

  2. Linnea says:

    Well, if the price of the sweater is in US dollars, it’ll only cost you like 20 Euro… (Okay, bad joke, courtesy of a slightly perplexed paid-in-dollars-living-in-Europe professional.)

    Awesome gloves. The Germans would probably fine you for wearing them. I think flipping people off is illegal here.

    (Yeah, sorry. Another bad joke.)

  3. clarabelle says:

    Hmm, we do understand what ‘humps/humping’ is in the UK, but I must admit that I’ve only ever heard of ‘speed bumps’ here. Maybe that traffic sign is from some saintly, back-of-beyond part of the country, where people don’t appreciate rude language/innuendo?

    The gloves are brilliant, and I would love to make a pair if I could stand knitting fingers on gloves!

  4. Barb says:

    Love the gloves! I think traffic cone orange would be a great color for finger #3.

    We have a couple signs in my town that say: Speed Hump, then an arrow. They expect quickies, I guess!! lol

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