summer clothing!

Well, today it is officially summer (although you wouldn’t know it from the weather here – 15C or 59F – my part of Canada is not usually this cold at this time.  We’ve all shucked off our outerwear saying “summer is coming” and we are all freezing as a result).

Anyway, I went out shopping for clothes to celebrate!  

This is the outfit I wore today to work… I’m modelling it on Aphrodite because she was jealous and wanting attention and because, in actual fact, the clothes look better on her than on me. 

I love this skirt.  So did half of my coworkers, who tried to tear it off me.  The best part: the skirt cost only $10 and the blouse $5.  And new, at that!  

The funny part is that the blouse has a statement on the label saying “no child labour involved”.  Which, I guess, means that they’re only paying the adults crap wages.  But, being a champagne socialist, I can’t really worry about that. 

There are even little mirrors in the skirt.  I tried to take a photo but after several attempts was defied.  This was the best photo I could get:

So, today I went back on a quest to buy more $10 skirts. Alas, the shop wasn’t open. However, I did score this at Brava vintage shop:

This is my new wizard Merlin coat. Given that the weather gods insist on it being cool here, I will be wearing it tomorrow together with some black leggings.  There may well be some photos as tomorrow there will be a big huge party of the Tenant Advocates… 

Just check out the detail on this, though:


Again, my camera doesn’t really do it any justice. It is shiny and fabulous in real life, and at least one of my coworkers tried to seize it out of my hands saying “Those colours look better on me than on you.”

And, she’s right. Having said that, this excuse didn’t work when she tried a grab for my April Showers either:

If you want to see me in my full splendour, you’ll have to come up to Toronto… but in the interval I wish you all a fabulous weekend… and do go shopping for some cheap summer wear. You won’t regret it.


6 thoughts on “summer clothing!

  1. Sarah says:

    Whoo hoo! For once we’re warmer here in the ‘Peg than Toronto! It’s going up to +22 today if Environment Canada can be believed! 😉

    I LURVE the coat! It’s absolutely gorgeous!!!! What a great find!

    Have a terrific weekend!

  2. Christine says:

    That is a fabulous coat! No worries about me trying to snag it off you though – not only would it be way too small, but I’m in Arizona and I doubt I’d be able to get away with wearing in 104 degree weather!

    Glad you found such great deals 😀

  3. Joan says:

    We’ve been in the 80s and 90s (F)
    But I LOVE the clothes! Especially the shawl – so purdy!!!!
    Congrats oh swift of needle!

  4. clarabelle says:

    Great buys, girly! That coat really is something else – the colours are amazing…

    We’ve been freezing our butts off over the past week in the UK as well – but the sun is shining today, and it’s the start of Wimbledon! Yee ha!

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