a little heresy to start your day…

Before I begin: I’ve been advised that the people who read me through Bloglines got dumped with 10 or so of my posts in the last several hours.  Just remember – you can’t have too much of a guid thing.  I’m resisting the ever-so-Canajan temptation to apologise, but it’s difficult.  Sorry about that.

Well, it’s Wednesday and thus the middle of my working week – high time to promote a little controversy on the blog, I should think.

So, here’s my statement for today:

Forget lace knitting!! 

(ducking to avoid virtual missives thrown by Clarabelle and Soo, lace goddesses extraordinaire.  Sorry, ladies.  In reality, I’m just upset because I can’t churn out the lovely shawls that you both seem to produce in a couple of days!).

But seriously, why such a heretic and loaded statement?  Because I have a new book of time-honoured crafting techniques in my hot little hands which should provide hours – nay, months! – of excitement: Kitschy Crafts.

(Apologies if I have featured this book before – I really can’t remember but I suspect I must have as I’ve already had it out of the library once before! Oh well, it won’t be the first time I’ve rambled on ad nauseam about any given topic!)

I’m already planning to make a chip bowl out of an old Zorba the Greek LP:

Well, maybe I won’t use it as a chip bowl… after all, the chips come in a perfectly good bag and all – very handy for snacking.   But get this, people are actually selling these!

Clearly I’ve missed my calling. 

I also have to find a rock grinder to deal with my seashore haul from NS and a few dozen amethysts I rescued from a dead candle.  Being an ignoramus, I don’t begin to know where to look – any ideas from anyone in the GTA? (because, being a further ignoramus, I don’t dare buy one on-line in case I end up with the wrong thing).

And then, I intend to make myself a fancy hat like this one:

That would be the hat to the left, in case you were wondering.  This hat was one of surely dozens of similar – ahem – import worn at the first day of racing at Royal Ascot yesterday.  I would just love to wear one in the subway here one day soon.

Well, back to finding more photos of ludicrous hats from the Royal Ascot race meeting the grind, I guess.  Summer socialising has been impeding my progress on the Seascape, but it will get done eventually.

Learning to smell the coffee rather than guzzling it, laughing and then snorting it all out my nose,




9 thoughts on “a little heresy to start your day…

  1. Soo says:

    I am trying very hard to ignore your cruel and hurtful lace comments. I can barely type through the mist of my tears.

    But…I can see the kitschy stuff and how cool is that!! The chip bowl is particularly inspired. I wait (still sobbing) to see what delights you will make for us all!

  2. Sequana says:

    I used to have one of those rock tumblers. They make a nasty noise, but if you’re patient, you get some really pretty shiny stones.
    I have NO idea where I purchased it (except maybe there was a “rock shop” at the time).
    I’ll take a quick look on eBay.

    LOVE the hat!!!!

  3. Sequana says:

    Well, there are 447 items under “rock tumbling” on eBay. *L*

    and it’s coming back to me now…..you need “tumbling grit” to make a slurry and it’s messy as heck. (besides the noise)

    still……you get pretty polished stones

    just reading thru the items over there, you can pick up a lot of info……

  4. Amy says:

    I’ll stand up with you and rebuke lace knitting, loud and proud. I like the vinyl bowl, and it would be good for chips, but not so much for the salsa.

  5. Kathy Kathy Kathy says:

    I am having a wonderful time here picturing you wearing the ludicrous pink hat and staring daggers in the subway on the the way to work one grumpy morning as if it were just a hat, thank you very much. I’ve almost got the nerve, but not quite. Don’t have a subway anyhow.

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