another PayDay, another $50 out the window…

Well, yesterday being the Ides of May, I headed to the local yarn shop as usual.

And here’s what I got!

First, a skein of Blue Sky Alpacas cotton in the Curry colourway (pictured below in the middle).

I’m hoping to make the Delft top in the current issue of Interweave Knits with these colours (I had the red and the orange in the stash from past swaps).

Oh, you should all congratulate me on my extreme forebearance. Why? Because, even though they had a brand new shipment of Handmaiden products in, I did not buy Handmaiden yesterday. I didn’t even look at it.

Er, um… ahem… I should confess that this is only the case because I was so taken with the Blue Moon collection:

The colourway is called “Atomic” of all things. Cool, eh?

And damn and blast (and double and triple damn) Lettuce Knits for being only one of two stores in Canada for carrying the stuff!! They’re just a bunch of pushers, really. Sheesh. I really, really can’t be blamed for losing my head (even though a whole bunch of Blue Moon stuff is winging its way to me from the US as we speak).

Actually, with all of those kilometres of laceweight yarn due to arrive, maybe I could use one of these as well:

Do you think I could program it to make Shetland lace?

Hmm. Actually, I doubt it. It was probably intended to make more useful everyday items of wear such as this:

Just check out that hunk o’ burnin love, would you? That fancy top wouldn’t be staying on him too long in my vicinity, I can tell you!!!

Or, how about some toys for the kiddies?

A very topical set of toys, I should think, given all the talk about bullying in the news these days (and you can click the link if you want to see my view on this issue!).

And, just to end off the work-week, I thought I’d post my top three weblinks for today:

(a) Passive-Aggressive Notes: I figure we’ve all seen such notes from time to time, although of course I’ve never written one myself! (cough cough). I get a real kick out of this website.

(b) Stitchy McYarnpants: some very funny photos of vintage knits, together with commentary. And, she reminded me that I hadn’t looked at Passive-Aggressive Notes for a while. Thanks, Stitchy!

(c) Stephen Fry: he is a rather funny English actor and has recently set up a blog. I’m not sure what I prefer about it – reading his excellent writing or checking out the self-important commentators who either pretend to be buddies with him or pontificate using poor grammar and big words that they dont know how to spel.


Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “another PayDay, another $50 out the window…

  1. Holly B Snotty says:

    Holy crap! Those photos are creeping me out!

    The blue sky alpaca is divine! Love the curry. The others are great too, but yum to the curry. I could go for some sushi too, but it is kind of early.

  2. tracyb says:

    Who wears a sweater in a swimming pool?! Love those pictures. And the yarn. I’m going yarn shopping this weekend since I’ll be downstate. I never got my mother’s day yarn, I’m makin’ up for it!

  3. clarabelle says:

    Don’t know about him getting that sweater off, but I would prefer it if he kept those cerise, psychodelic longjohns firmly on.

    I don’t think I’m going to visit you on the day after the Ides of March anymore, Kristina… ‘s’not fair.

  4. brouhahahaha says:

    Holly: yes, the photos are weird, aren’t they? I wonder what people will be saying 30 years from now when they look at today’s photos, though. Let’s start up a new blog: “What were they thinking?!?”

    Tracy: that is a very good question indeed. I’ve not seen anyone wear a sweater in a swimming pool. Hmm.

    Amy: answer to question 1: because he wants to crash the Pool Dancercise class and is trying to blend in. And you can see how well that works. answer to question 2: NO.

    Clarabelle: I’m with you on the hot pants. Ugh.

  5. Barb says:

    I congratulate you on your extreme forebearance!!! And I love the colors you chose for what looks like a real “challenge” (had another word in mind) of a sweater!

    That cat certainly is a good sport! Who the hell would put their cat in something like that! lol

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