a lovely spring afternoon…

…part of the loveliness courtesy of Michaels Craft Superstore!

We scored lots of goodies there yesterday.  For example, since I didn’t already nearly have enough beads for knitting…

… I needed to pick up some more.  Approximately 12,000 more by my calculation:

And what am I going to do with all these beads, you ask, shaking your head?  Well, a girl can never have too many chartreuse beads, can she?

These ones are intended to replace the gold beads I bought for the Moroccan Days shawl kit:

…which calls for 5,000 or so.  However, I poached some of the gold beads for the Sherwood I’m working on now:

(which I’ve decided, by the way, will be my mother’s belated present for Mother’s Day.  Hi, Mom!)

And these ones?

Well, I think they’ll go quite well with this Handmaiden Sea Silk in the Ocean colourway:

This, by the way, is the Ocean that I just had to have last August.  Yes, it’s still in the stash.  I’ve earmarked it for a “stealth project” (as Soo would say).  Stay tuned.

In keeping with the oceanic theme, I also picked up some sea glass:

It looks like pastel ice!

But don’t worry, JJ didn’t come home emptyhanded.  The reason for the trip in the first place so that he could pick up some stuff for the seasonal door decoration.  Here it is:

Isn’t it lovely?  Almost as lovely as this stuff…

Happy Sunday – and a happy Mother’s Day to those brave souls out there who have earned that title.


8 thoughts on “a lovely spring afternoon…

  1. Batty says:

    There you go again… but at least you don’t just stash yarn and beads, you actually use them. And that Moroccan shawl… I think I’m in love.

  2. Susie says:

    Thank you dearie………I bloody need the Bravest of the brave medal for raising mine! LOL!
    I love all the beads……………you’ve got me hooked on adding beads to lots of things – when I remember.

  3. clarabelle says:

    Chartreuse, ocean, beads and flowers… lovely restful colour combos to start my week! Thank you so much. And I just thought, why does the UK have a completely different date for Mother’s Day than Canada, the US and Australia (and those are the only ones that I know of for definite)? Why are we such oddities here?

    Can’t wait to see the finished Sherwood, duckie!

  4. Holly B Snotty and Mighty says:

    There are different Mother’s Days so we can celebrate again, and again, and again.

    Please send me the date of your Mother’s Day. I’m going to use it as such…

    Ogre says”What is that large package of Chartreuse yarn overflowing from the Eco-Chic bag?”

    Snotty response “Back off! It’s UK Mother’s Day!”

  5. Amy says:

    I believe Holly has the right idea. You can’t possibly cram enough appreciation into just ONE Mother’s Day. I’m sure my mom would agree.

    I made my Montego Bay scarf out of that very color of SeaSilk. Those blue beads are just the very thing needed to make something spectacular.

    Tell JJ I said, “Beautiful job on the door flowers.”

  6. clarabelle says:

    But where is Her Ladyship? Don’t say her ‘real’ friends have commandeered her again?

    Btw: Monday’s Day was 2 March this year in the UK; just to be typically awkward, it’s not a fixed date, but the middle Sunday in Lent (I had to look that bit up).

  7. Kristina Brouhaha says:

    Clarabelle: Mother’s Day in Canada is also a movable feast, 2nd Sunday in May. Why the UK would pick the middle Sunday in Lent, however, is confusing to me… surely they should go with the Date of Conception of the Baby, no? (25 March in my church… I think it’s 8th December for the Catholics, which also makes no sense whatsoever).

    Ours (mother day, not conception day) is, by the way, the same date as the US. This is because we have no boundaries of our own.

    Holly: tell Ogre that every day is Mother’s Day. That makes those types of acquisitions a bit easier to explain. (My excuse to JJ: Every day is Greek Independence Day… also on 25 March, the day Christ was conceived).

    Hmm… perhaps I’m really going crazy after all. Or maybe everything just goes go in circles!


    PS. Amy: JJ says “Thank ye”.

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