religious and other mosaic art

I’ve been looking for some inspiration of late to get back into mosaic work…and just had to take another look at some photos of Park Guell:

It’s a park built using primarily very funky mosaics and unusual building shapes.

The project is located in Barcelona. It was the brainchild of architects Antonio Gaudi and Josep Maria Jujel.

Imagine walking past this to get to work every day!

Now, although the project is now a municipal park, it was apparently built originally as an idealistic housing project.

Here, by contrast, is what your typical housing project looks like in Toronto:


There are also lots of sources of inspiration for mosaic artists in religious buildings. This is a photo of a shrine in Afghanistan:

… and this photo depicts restoration work being done on the Cosmati pavement in front of Westminster Abbey in London.

This, on the other hand, shows a typical religious shrine in Toronto:

North Americans certainly lack creativity, from the look of it.


Happy Wednesday!


7 thoughts on “religious and other mosaic art

  1. tracyb says:

    But that’s ok, because, look, you can go to the Dollarama after church in just a few steps! Bet they can’t do that in Afghanistan!

  2. Amy says:

    Unfortunately, the only ideas your going to get from the LCBO are likely to be bad ones. For example, “I’m a good dancer”, “Oh, Karaoke! I can sing”, “What are you looking at? I can kick your ass”, and finally, “I can drive”.

    Maybe you would be better off to continue looking elsewhere for your inspiration. I’m just sayin’.

  3. Sequana says:

    There is lots of inspiration for mosaics in quilt blocks. *S* As you have noted before, it’s a lot like doing mosacis with fabric.

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