PayDay mysteries… and a new family member!

Well, what a coincidence that on PayDay, I came across a mysterious door…

…which led to a long and winding path through an enchanted forest.

And where did the path end?

My local yarn store!

Amazing, isn’t it? So, of course I just had to buy some yarn.

Misti Alpaca has managed to outdo themselves, I learned, with some new handpainted lace yarn in 800g skeins!

(In actual fact, I had learned this before PayDay. But it was a guid excuse to lay in some more stock.)

Isn’t this sumptuous?

I also succumbed, finally, to the temptation to give in to that dreaded Siren, Kureyon.

Now, I don’t quite get why I would want to knit socks out of this scratchy-as-hell yarn. However, I couldn’t resist the lure of the rainbow…

So, the lovely Leane suggested that I pair the Kureyon with a strand of this Kid Seta and make a shawl:

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I am highly suggestible to anything to do with the acquisition of yarn. But it’s lovely in itself, isn’t it?

Almost like a sunset in a skein!

I even bought some novelty yarn on sale because of the fab colour:

Fit for a Yarn Queen.

And, finally, this rather uncharacteristic purchase. The yarn is called Twelve and it’s got twelve types of yarn in one.

Funky, eh? I thought it would make a cute party scarf at some point.

But lest you think I was selfish on this very fine day, let it be known that JJ got a goodie as well:

A garden gnome for the balcony flowerbox!!!

And not only that, but it comes with a handy reference manual on All Things Gnomish:

In this photo is the author of the guidebook (I’ll leave you to guess who that might be):

JJ is quite chuffed, and as I write is talking to the gnome. I’m advised that his name is Wee John. (And now you understand why it is that JJ actually puts up with all my foolishness. He’s a bit barmy himself, eh?

And finally now I realise why I was so inspired to do my Group of Seven project!!

Methinks the wee pagan Quack Junior and Wee John will become fast friends…

I just hope that they don’t run off to the forest together!

Happy Thursday!


7 thoughts on “PayDay mysteries… and a new family member!

  1. tracyb says:

    ok, I get that you don’t do socks, but I’ve been assured that the Noro sock yarn washes up into a completely different feeling yarn. I sure hope so because I partook of the yarn myself! All that other yarn looks great, especially the pretty Misti Alpaca. I’ve only seen it in solid colors, I like your variegated. Have fun, I love it when you have pay day, I live vicariously!

  2. Amy says:

    According to the Queen of All Things Knitted (aka a woman in my knitting group) the secret to Noro is in the soaking/handwashing process. She claims that, when properly bathed, Noro is the softest yarn anywhere. I don’t have any first hand knowledge of that, but don’t really have any reason to doubt the QATK. I think it will look very pretty with that Kid Seta.

    Several comments come to mind about wee John, but it wouldn’t be ladylike so I will refrain.

  3. clarabelle says:

    Are you sure, Kristina, that Wee John isn’t the long lost sibling of the Leprechaun (

    Please don’t do this to me (ie show me all that beautiful yarn you’ve bought). And you only have to follow a ditsy-doo fairy footpath to get to the shop! I suppose you pay for it with fairydust, or ladybird wings, or something? I’m in pain!

  4. Holly B Snotty and Mighty says:

    Oh crickey! You were taken in by the evil beauty of Noro! It’s so lovely! Trust in the knowledge of Tracyb, she knows her some yarny stuff.

    I myself have a bit of a crush on Wee John. He’s looking quite handsome.

  5. kelly says:

    I concur with the above comments about the Misti – I saw it at the Frolic at the Misti booth and fell in love with this colour as well as with #19 mahvelous! I’ll be visiting my friend Haley tomorrow I think esp now I have seen this post!!!!

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