the curse of Icarus!

Now, I know that Icarus had rather a hard time of it…

… but why did a cheering section have to show up and party as he fell?!? I ask you!

And yes, there has been frogging in the Brouhaha household this weekend. More frogging than knitting, actually, I’m sad to report.

Last night, I had finally managed to finish Chart No. 2. Only after great patting on the back and admiring myself in the mirror did I notice this major booboo:

See that big gaping hole to the right? No chance of passing it off as a design feature. Icarus falls again!

(I should note that this is by way no fault of the pattern. Instead, I’ve decided that it is a big curse on any Greek who attempts to create an alternate image of one of her Gods.)

So, I had to take it all off the needles, and while it was off I thought I might as well snap this photo for posterity:

See – it looks so lovely that I can’t bear to stick it back in the frog pond.

Actually, I’ve been wondering if the high percentage of green in the project has attracted the project-dooming presence of the Frogman. (Anything but take responsibility and blame myself, eh? On that topic, the ever wise JJ has apparently observed over the years that I always screw up on knitting when it is “that time of the month”. And that is probably more information than you needed to know.)

This is the lovely pattern repeat that has foiled me yet again:

So, I had to call in some reinforcements…

…remind myself that only last week, I had come up with this brilliant solution to all thing frogging-related, and just get on with it.

Things seem to be back on track now, although it means I’m still not done Chart 2. Sigh.

But Icarus is soaring again (and let’s hope it’s not as brief and endeavour at the first time!):

… and I can only hope that Kermit is finally laid to rest, at least as regards this project.

Given that it is Orthodox Palm Sunday, I thought this representation of Kermit was quite appropriate.

So, am I off to church, then? In a way… I’m attending the High Holy Temple of Antiques and Junk, otherwise known as the St. Lawrence Flea Market, after several coffees with a friend. Please wish me luck in scoring some vintage knitting patterns!

And, in my brain at least, I’ve renamed this knitting pattern “Daedalus”. He’s the one to the left

I know he lost his son and so that’s not the luckiest name either, but it has kind of a nice ring to it, no?

Happy Sunday!


6 thoughts on “the curse of Icarus!

  1. tracyb says:

    Yes, you should definitely heed your own advice about the frog pond. And I think it might be a good sign that the pig has joined the frogs, they are not all screaming “rippppit” at you, now you should focus on the “oinks” and I’m sure Icarus will fly flawless off your needles!

  2. Linnea says:

    …did you that you oh my goodness your kermit fingernail? Bwah!

    Junk day here was sparse and disappointing. We’ll try again in two days. And by “we” I mean “I rarely volunteer to take the dog on late-night walks but Thursdays are an exception.”

    At least you’re not knitting with wax.

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