back to mosaic, maybe? or… maybe not…

While searching for something in the spare room this morning, I tripped across the following stuff and a plot was hatched.

You may recall that I scored this window outside the apartment building down the street some time back. I had a half-@$$ed plot to try to combine knitting and mosaic with it at some point…

Anyway, the yarn is Habu Stainless Steel. I figure it might make a nice black spider web – I thought I had traded this yarn off but apparently not!

The rocks are amethyst. I ruined one of my favourite candles (which was chock full of these) by inadvertently leaving it on the balcony for most of the winter. However, I boiled the candle to melt it down and rescued the amethyst…

Pretty, eh?

Oh, and I also came across another Treasure from Trash…
No idea what this was supposed to be. It’s a bit cracked, which makes it perfect for covering up with this lovely stained glass…

…and some grout, of course. So stay tuned. I’m hoping to work on some of this stuff next weekend if the weather is fair (I like doing mosaic out on the balcony, which diminishes the mess factor somewhat!

I think that perhaps getting away from the lace factor for half a day or so might also inspire my creative juices with respect to Project Purple, which I seem to have lost interest in for some reason.

Perhaps this is just because I just can’t seem to stay away from the LYS?

Well, you knew (even if I didn’t) that I probably couldn’t let a week pass without some shameless yarnploitation. Here’s one of the latest acquisitions… Cherry Tree Hill merino/silk blend in the Fall Foliage colourway!

(If you can believe this, I last spotted this three months or so ago in the sale bin at Knitomatic. I’ve since seen it several times – I don’t really know why it took this long for me to snap up!)

But now it’s MINE. Heh heh heh. The weather was cold and dreich yesterday, but this sure cheered me up…

And I don’t know how this had escaped my eagle eye on past trips either:

Handmaiden Silk Maiden! This would appear to be Handmaiden’s take on Noro stuff… but much softer and without those little prickly bits. I think it’s in the Renaissance colourway.

Heavy on the midnight blue, which as you know is one of my favourite colours. And so it should be – I just spent the better part of three months knitting with it!

Oh, and I had to snap up the new Norah Gaughan pattern book from Berocco…

All of this luxury makes me feel very glitzy!

And, although the weather is dreich (as JJ would say) today, spring is still in the air and I feel like a statue coming back to life.

Well, off to read some magazines while trying to decide what to do with the Icarus. Not only did I figure out that I will definetely run out of yarn, but I noticed a huge boo-boo some 20 rows back:

Argh. And did I use any lifelines?! Did I hell. I’m the Lace Queen, I don’t need life-lines, right! Never mind that this yarn is very slippery and virtually impossible to rip back. Sigh.

How ironic, given that the project is named Icarus. He was Greek too, wasn’t he!! Can I pass this off as a design feature… the wax on his wings melting higher up?!

Anyway, I’m at the point where I need to decide whether to cut out some of the repeats, or just make the full size and finish with a different yarn. I have some espresso-brown Kidsilk Haze which might work.

Wish me luck – and happy Saturday!


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