unearthly pursuits

I wish I could tell you that I had woken up this morning and lost completely my increasing servitude to the harsh taskmaster that is Lace… but no.

Last evening, after several misstarts on Project Purple, I decided to go back to the Icarus which was languishing sadly on my bookshelf:

This is being knitted in Handmaiden Lace Silk. Funnily enough, it is in the Rainforest colourway which I just finished working with – but doesn’t this look different from the Fleece Artist Rainforest in the April Showers?

Also, yesterday I purchased yet another lace pattern, the Scheherazade by Melanie Gibbons:

… and decided to order the book Heirloom Knitting by Sharon Miller. Sharon is responsible for such gorgeous patterns as these:

Man, I wish I could knit that!


In other news, was I ever surprised to read in the Toronto Star this morning that Bill Clinton is a huge hit in Canada – and making huge bucks accordingly:

WASHINGTON–Bill Clinton landed at Pearson International Airport one day in the autumn of 2005, and by the time he boarded his plane at the end of the day the former president’s excellent Canadian adventure had earned him $475,000.

In that one day in the GTA, he had earned double his annual salary as president of the United States…

In three days in mid-October 2005, he earned $900,000 for four speeches: one on Canada-U.S. relations in London, Ont.; two Toronto speeches – one to The Power Within and another to the International Centre for Business – and a speech to The Power Within in Calgary.

Similarly, the following winter, he earned $1.32 million in six days of Canadian speeches in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Regina and Vancouver.

This article also mentioned that he has made approximately $24 million billion squillion dollars in public speaking engagements since he left the White House. I don’t know about you, but at a certain dollar figure the amounts of money become so high that it is almost meaningless – you know, what’s the difference between $10 million and $100 million? that sort of thing.

Yeah right. And why can’t we find some Canadian role models anyway?!?

(Like who? Steve-o and Muldoon?!?

On second thought, forget I said that.)

But Bill Clinton, although he might be richer than God, is after all only a mere mortal. And I also read in the Star today that there might be scientific proof of the existence of God in the next while.

GENEVA – The father of a theoretical subatomic particle dubbed “the God particle” says he’s almost sure its existence will be confirmed in the next year. British physicist Peter Higgs first postulated the existence of the particle in the makeup of the atom more than 40 years ago…

Well, I’m ahead of him. I already have proof of the existence of God, as signalled to me while out for a walk the other day…

Here is God’s work in all its splendour!

Happy Tuesday!


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