the true meaning of Easter

I read this on a website yesterday afternoon and found it very inspirational. I’m sure you will as well.

Easter is all about Jesus rising from the dead and scaring the hell out of his disciples who had moved on after his death to selling Chicklets to tourists. But sometimes I wonder if God was just a real forward-thinker. My guess is He convinced Christians to celebrate “Easter” to lay the groundwork so that hundreds of years later … He could share his second greatest gift with us…

What is it, you ask?…

The Cadbury Creme Egg.

Seriously. I believe everything I read on the Internet. Just ask this guy.

(Although I must confess that I cheated on Cadbury when I was a kid. My favourites were some of the offerings from Laura Secord

… which even came in a large size! I don’t know what size actually – the website says 300g/12 oz. – but it might as well have been a pound of gold as far as I was concerned!
I mean, a peanut butter chocolate egg – what’s not to like?!

But I digress. Actually, I don’t believe that the true meaning of Easter is chocolate (although lots of chocolate certainly does make the whole effort worthwhile!). Instead, to me, Easter is about colour. And lots of it.

I know, I know… too cute for words. But I couldn’t resist! It reminded me of this Lace Silk I bought recently…

I actually thought it would be called “Easter” because of the colours. But it’s actually called Popsicle. This name makes me shiver even though the first day of spring has passed – I’m still drinking snow cocktails to try to keep warm!

But, as is my wont, I digress. Not colourful enough. Next…

Well, today I had to pop along to the LYS to buy stitch markers:

I must say that I showed remarkable restraint today. I had gone in to buy stitch markers, and left only with this kid mohair:

Um, I guess the”>anti-mohair phase is definitely over now.

Then I went home and blocked my new Tuscany. Thought I’d photograph it upside down for a change:

(I did this partly because I didn’t want you to see that I was idiotic enough to have to use THREE blocking wires on the top because I didn’t bother to check to see if I had longer ones. Of course, I did. Sigh.)

Actually, though, it looks quite different from this perspective. Spookier. I like it. I wonder if I could get W to wear it like that?

I realised when I started to plot my new design project – secret stuff! – that this, too, is an Easter colour.
At least, it is in the Greek Orthodox tradition. The priests wear fancy purple robes in almost exactly this shade at this time of year (or so, at least, is my dim recollection surrounded by all the mists of the time passed since I last set foot in a church). It was a colour of mourning, apparently.

Red is also a big colour for the Greeks at Easter. They dye all the eggs red (that’s red like the blood of Christ. I kid you not.)

Don’t you love these web pictures of food on a white background. It looks as though it is flying through space! Anyway, this is traditional Greek easter bread called tsoureki. MMM.

However, I don’t get any today because today is not “my” Easter. That doesn’t happen until 27 April. Aphrodite is all miffed this morning because she doesn’t get any candy. See? She’s not talking to me!!!

Her problem. She should just suck it up, like I had to do. Besides, the leftover candy goes on sale on Monday!!! And – hey! – I never gave her permission to wear my Savannah stole (finally blocked – long boring post with millions of pics on Monday. This was known as SOTSii to me until today when the name was finally released.

Anyway, much to my surprise, JJ came home last evening and presented me with these for “his” Easter:

As you can see, I’ll have to fight for them. And in case you’re wondering where Bubbles went, s/he has been shipped off to boarding school.

(If you’re any type of fan of soap operas, or ever have been, expect hir to come back a few weeks from now, magically 18 years old and pregnant/on drugs/etc).

I did relent and give one to Aphrodite, so now she’s happy again.

Happy Easter/Sunday/feast day/whatever it is that you are celebrating today!


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