vale Patrick! a celebration in blue and green

Now, I gather that Pope J2P2 had attempted to strip Patrick of his sainthood some time back.)

(why? did he fear that Patrick looked better in green that he did?

You be the judge!

Anyway, since I’m not sure of that status of that situation, not being Catholic nor Irish, I’ll just call him Patrick.)

I assume, for the purpose of this blog post, that Patrick did not get stripped of angel status as well.

Now, why would he be robed in blue?

Well, believe it or not, according to Wikipedia one of his colours is blue. St Patrick’s Blue, to be exact.

And you know I believe everything in Wikipedia.

Besides, this mysterious blue hued lady dropped by my apartment earlier today and confirmed the story.

If you don’t believe me, here’s the proof – some mysterious objects she left with me:

What am I going on about now? you ask. Gentle reader, all will be revealed, but you’ll have to bear with me a while longer.

You see, I would have told you before today that I don’t really like green. As I said, I’m not Irish. (I live with someone who is Irish, his parents having been Irish, but he refuses to identify himself as Irish. Long story. I’m sure if you bring him a bottle of some malt whisky – any malt whisky! he’d love to share all with you.

However, I had to revise this opinion when looking through the stash today:

Now, a lot of it has blue in it – so that’s my excuse. But still, quite a bit of green. Hmm.

(Oh, I forgot this stuff:

Man alive – do I ever have a short memory!!)

Now, blue, in addition to being a St. Patrick colour, is my favourite colour this week, and also the colour of Scotland where JJ insists his heart lies. So, in light of this, I think that now the mystery lace project will have to be made with this yarn, as I’m going to start it on or just before the feast day of Patrick.

This is now the third time I’ve changed my mind about the yarn for this project. However, it is Italian Silk – and I don’t want the Fleece Artist to think I’ve completely thrown her over for the Handmaiden!

Now, we did not go to the big Patrick parade today… J “shurrup woman, ah keep tellin’ ya ah’m no’ irish, ah’m scottish! OHKEH???” J wouldn’t hear of it. Just as well because parades freak me out.

Instead, we went food shopping. There should actually be a house rule that we never go food shopping on any day which directly follows both household paydays (which happens fairly rarely). Why? This is the end result:

But, to be fair, we did have to get in some food for a little party tomorrow in honour of Patrick it being Monday.

And, just to prove that no-one Irish actually resides in this apartment, there’s none o’ that colcannan, bridie or boiled corned beef crap here. No way. Top of the line for us non-Irish people.

(Check out the sticker on the front prime rib for proof that a certain resident of this household who shall remain nameless is scottish no’ irish.)

Of course, there will be no green beer either – nor any of that whisky spelled with an “E”:

Glesga! Glesga! Och aye the noo – go Rangers! Aye ready aye.

(Oops, channeling JJ again. )

Now, the President will be doing most of the catering of this wee do… and since I’m Greek I don’t like any of that British/Scottish/Irish muck anyway:

I love the President! JJ gets pies, which makes him happy… I get guid fillings!

Some more Medi stuff:

(The lemons are going on the roast. Don’t tell JJ.)

However, never let it be said that I don’t know about compromise. Here is the Irish Scottish component of the big feast:

(man, so much more boring than the President’s mediterranean finest!!)

And dessert:

The late night snack, however, must definetely be Canajan:

Anyway, I have another reason to celebrate: I have finished knitting the SOTSii!!!

She’s currently keeping JJ Grackle warm. (Grackle is JJ’s little friend which, although originally from France, came from … where…? Ireland!!! And when did JJ get him? Why, when he was visiting relatives in IRELAND. Blood relatives. Does this not make him Irish? I’m so confused…).

I’m very, very happy to be finished – I’ll bore you more later in the week on the whole shootin’ match should you bother to check in after all this nonsense today.

But, for all of the reasons discussed above, I felt this would be a suitable tribute to Patrick.

Rest in peace, Patrick. Anyone who managed to chase all of the politicians snakes out of Ireland is a guid guy in my books.


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