beware the Ides of March!!!

… because this year it falls on the heels of Non-Rent-PayDay, that most hallowed of feast days in the Brouhaha annals – and the most expensive. Which means that today, the Ides of March, I’m broke.

Well, not quite. Because – wonder of wonder miracle of miracles – today a long-awaited work expenses cheque for $170 odd arrived just before I was to head out to Romni, ostensibly to pick out yarn for co-worker Ws Tuscany which I am to start on Easter weekend.

Now, the wonderful thing about expense reimbursement cheques, at least in my brain, is that they are like free money as I actually spent the money so long ago I’ve forgotten I spent it in the first place. Handy piece of rationalisation, eh?

Good Kristina: It’s not ACTUALLY free money you know. Besides, we should put it into the savings account for a rainy day…

Evil Kristina: Oh, get off your high horse, would you?!?!? #$()$*@($*)#@(.

So, what’s a girl to do with $170 burning a hole in her pocket?! Well, two options, apparently:
1. Buy a steak.


2. …well, you know…
The choice was clear: Handmaiden Lace Silk!!!

Vintage colourway!!! Yippee!!

Not sure which colourway… maybe a one-off based on the Bronze colourway? Anyway, this will be perfect for the mystery project I’ll be starting soon rather than the Camelspin (it too is fabulous, but I was thinking that the end result would end up a bit smaller than I had hoped. And the buttercream and crystal beads will work fabulously…).

(Still eagerly awaiting the appearance of Dandelion… then I’ll know it’s spring).

And, while I was at it, some Malabrigo in the Curacao colourway – couldn’t resist! It’s so loud.

Oh, er… and the stuff that W. picked out for the version of Tuscany that I am making for her, of course.

W. wanted vegan yarn, so we went with bamboo. It’s lovely and silky. The colourway is a tad more muted than I would go for, but will look fab on W. and match her usual colour choices.

I also picked this up:

… where I learned about the $170.00 steak.

A bit rich for my blood. These are the usual culinary choices in the KB/JJ Household:

… and for dessert:

(I love these T.G.I. Friday’s chips that are flavoured like bar snax. Best of both worlds!… and movie popcorn – maybe my favourite snack ever. This week, anyway.)

Well, it’s about time for junk food lunch, no?!

The Ides of March isn’t so bad after all. But then, I’m not an emperor. Yet.


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