Storm Water Scarf – my travel project

I’m into stormy patterns now, apparently – perhaps not surprising given the current weather here. However, this scarf brings me some joy! And Aphrodite likes it as well… despite the grey weather!

The lovely Storm Water scarf! It seems to have taken forever and the early process was ribbit-ridden, but success is now mine!

And check out this amazing Handmaiden Sea Silk…


Ciobair Fibre Designs (came with the yarn for $2.00 extra)

Yarn: Handmaiden Sea Silk (silk/seaweed fibre), one skein (the scarf used 95 of 100 grams).

3.75 mm addis.

Size: 69″ long by 10.5″ wide

Start date: 21 February 2008, after two prior aborted attempts back in November 2007 and earlier in February.

Finish Date:
12 March 2008.


– I knitted this pattern exclusively in public (mostly on my daily commute, but sometimes in staff meetings.

– I had a hard time getting the pattern (through my fault alone, I think). I actually had started it back in November 1007 at a public legal educational conference, but screwed it up and frogged many times and threw it aside in disgust. Then had to frog again earlier in February when I restarted it. However, once I got the pattern it was simple enough to do in transit. So, if you try it, stick it out – it’s worth it!!!

– loved, as ever, working with the Sea Silk. Kudos to Handmaiden.

I brought it to the office today for the post-blocking photo. You may recall that pre-blocking the scarf looked like this:

(One of the coworkers thought it was a windsock!)

Well, now it looks like this…

What a difference, eh? It’s officially taller than me! The blocking did its usual magic…

So, what’s on the agenda for today? Look what I got in the mail yesterday!

Four fabulous patterns by Sivia Harding. However, must finish the SOTSii first… today Clue 9 (the last clue!) will be released. I’m about halfway through Clue 8 at present.

It’s a big day for me in a lot of ways…

Why am I dressed as a lawyer today? Well, I may have some good news within the week (and no, I’m not expecting – that would be very bad news – and no, I’m not getting married). All I can say is – please think about me between 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. EST…

And, off to Romni at lunch for the PayDay ritual!

Thank goddess it’s Friday!




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