you can do magic…

you can do magic you can have anything that you desire…
magic, and all you need is some blocking wire…

(apologies to America).

(Where are they now, anyway?!)

Warning: ultra-geeky knitting content ahead, even by my obsessive standards!

I decided to play with my newest toys (the blocking wires that Wannietta forced me to buy the other week) and see if I could reblock my Tuscany to better effect.

(I should clarify something. I may have stated the other day that I had never actually blocked this before. I can’t remember – it’s all just becoming a blur. Anyway, that is clearly untrue. However, the blocking job would have been cursory at best.)

It grew! It is now four inches wider and three inches deeper than before!

Ah, the lovely silken rolling hills of Toscana! Wish I were there!

(This is a photo of Siena, Italy. Sigh.)

But instead, I’m in Toronto, land of snow, freezing rain and cold. No green to be seen for kilometres… and those well south of the border, I fear. Oh well… I’m trying to make the best of it!

Here’s the Tuscany again! Reborn!

(Check out some of my lubbly-jubbly mosaics to the left!!! Specifically, No Mirrors in Mah Hoose! and my mini bird bath. Shameless self-promotion!!! I tell you…

Oh, the pronunciation of the name of the mirror project is my little tribute to JJ, my favourite Scotsman. The same JJ, by the way, who entertained me greatly with a 1 1/2 hour running monologue last night when we watched Barbara Walter’s recent TV special on the British monarchy.

Barbara made the dire mistake of calling the kilted piper who ushers in the Changing of the Guard “Buckingham Palace’s version of a factory whistle”. This offended both JJ’s working class heritage and Scottish heritage, apparently. JJ who, by the way, was conscripted into the Air Force for three years at the Queen’s behest – or was it the King at the time? Hmm…), detested every minute of it (this is the guy who spells the word “sir” with the letters C-U-R in his brain, don’t forget!) and still resents it some 52 years later. Hmm.)

But I digress, as ever. Here is a close up (no light in mah hoose today, rather than no mirrors, obviously!)

So, I can hardly wait to see what magic will be wreaked when I block this puppy:

This is my Storm Water scarf which I started back in February. I had the world’s worst six hour staff meeting yesterday, but on the bright side it was very productive for this travel project. It will be finished after today’s commute and I will block it tonight. Stay tuned…

What will this turn into, I wonder? Something lovely, I think. Ah, Sea Silk!

Will it be as lovely as Tuscany, though? Hard to believe!

Well, that’s enough for time. Away to work…

Happy Wednesday!!!


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