politics in Laceland

Well, Knit-o-Matic is having a big sale this week, so of course I had to stop in after work yesterday. And look what I found:

Handmaiden Casbah!!! This will do nicely for the Architectural Rib Pullover by Norah Gaughan, methinks.

I also scored this lovely Handmaiden Lace Silk (do you detect a trend here, people???):

and, just so Misti didn’t feel left out…

All for under $100!

But, while I was busy ordering these:

and this:

and dreaming about casinos and hanamis:

and knitting this:

…the world was apparently coming to an end as I know it.

WARNING: political content ahead. If you don’t wish to read my somewhat pinko views on current events, consider yourself forewarned!

You see, in a move unprecedented by any Prime Minister in Canada, this guy:

(otherwise known as Leave it to Stever) served this libel notice on these guys:

Why? Because they said that Harper may or may not have tried to bribe (or otherwise influence the vote of) this guy:

(who was on his deathbed at the time, by the way) to vote in a certain manner in a crucial issue some time back). This issue is currently being investigated by the RCMP.

Stever’s buddy Petey is ducking for cover and taking no part in it…

…and Jumpin’ Jack Flash??

Too busy shouting about the “working families” and Harper’s conspiracy to see the Republicans get elected south of the border to say much at all on the matter.

(Whither the NDP?!? I note with interest, however, that Harper is not threatening to sue Jack Layton for libel in this regard!!!)

Now, you may or may not have noticed that all the players involved above look, well… more or less the same. Meanwhile (and refreshingly, in my view), south of the border today will herald a very significant choice between this person:

…and this person:
(I won’t tell you whom I favour, although the photos I picked may well tell the story. However, I wouldn’t want to join my compatriots at the Canadian Embassy and government in trying to influence the outcome of the Democratic primaries.

Meanwhile, Canada has lost another soldier in Afghanistan, Michael Yuki Hayikaze – but little to nothing is being said about it. This item featured right at the end of the Sunday evening newscast (after, mind you, at least 8 minutes of Prince Harry’s exploits there, not to mention Brangelina’s pregnancy and Bill Clinton’s visit to Canada) and I have heard nothing since.

I mean, usually by this point we would be shown the preparations for the soldier’s funeral, the journey of his body from Trenton to Toronto along the Highway of Heroes, etc. etc. What’s going on?

(“Don’t mention the war?!?!”

…that is, unless it involves cute young Royals smiling and firing off machine guns, apparently. SIGH).

Rest in peace, Michael. I do hope the guys above stop bickering long enough to think about how many like you are dying in this futile battle, and how many more have been injured in this “peacekeeping” adventure. Sigh.


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