me and my shadow… and my SOTSii clue 6 finished!!!

Forgive the terrible amateur picture – and no dry blocking – but I’m so excited to have finished my Clue 6!!

(and yes, that’s me hovering over it with approval…).

This accomplishment, I must say, has improved my day immensely. It started off with me forging out into the -2millionC (-5million F) face-burning cold, surrounded by snow:

This is the view outside my apartment building (note the shadow of the huge light fixture that we tenants are currently reimbursing the Landlord for to the tune of $16,000 per light fixture. But I digress…).

Yes, yes, it looks kinda pretty. But does this?!

Welcome to snow in Toronto. We haven’t had a lot for a while, so I guess this is our year.

Anyway, I came home and worked out my frustrations on the SOTSii. And I’m glad to report – NO FROGGING during this clue!!! (touch wood, cross fingers, etc. etc.). I should also confess that I did fudge some missed YOs on the “rest row” (purl side) … but hey. Hope that’s not too much cheating!
Here is a rather lame close-up…

I promise some better photos for Clue 7… really.

JJ’s guess as to the theme: a manta ray. Is he right? You heard it here first!!! (oh, and by the way, JJ was fondling the SOTSii this evening. I fear I will lose it to him when it’s done. Wonder how it will go with his work uniform?! No pics because he works in a high security environment and is not allowed to show how he looks at work… or so he tells me.)

Wishing you a happy Leap Day… and for that grand occasion you get to read posts in one day from me. Please try to control your excitement, but make sure to check out the special Leap Day post!!! (only one every four years, after all…)




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