my cup overfloweth…

…with Alexander Keith’s beer? Diet Coke?

Nope. Milk.

That’s right… milk.

Creamy Milk Yarn. Yes, you heard it here first, folks – yarn made from milk! (at least 80% of it… the other bit is cotton). Now I have heard it all, I think.

I received this as a surprise package yesterday from Amy the Wonderful… all the way from Oklahoma.

(In recognition of my latent brilliance, she also sent me these:

American Smarties!!)

Anyway, as it happens, I (like many others of mediterreanean heritage) am lactose intolerant (which, mind you, doesn’t stop me from scarfing down ice cream, pudding, etc., although it does justify my dislike of drinking milk). But, given that I don’t plan to ingest the yarn, I should be fine.

And I have just the pattern in mind for it: the Diamond Fantasy Scarf by the fabulous Sivia Harding! The pattern will come out, with all good luck, looking like this:

The surprise package was very timely indeed as I was suffering a spate of winter madness yesterday at work which continued into my journey home. In that time-honoured spirit of self-medication, I had made a quick stop into Knitomatic on the way home from work. Here’s what I found – on sale!! Some Rowan Kidsilk Haze:

A lovely espresso shade (don’t know that this comes out in the photo…it was on deep, deep discount so I thought I’d better find out what all the rage is about.

I also scored this Misti Alpaca laceweight.

Well, folks, it’s now official… I actually have more lace yarn than I could use if I lived to be 100.

In fact, I have so much lace yarn that in addition to picking the SOTSii lace stole again (I managed six rows last evening on Clue No. 6) I thought I’d better start the Icarus shawl:

Early days, obviously – but I’m loving the Handmaiden lace silk!

So, today I’m a very happy camper, really.

Happy Wednesday!


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