shiny happiness

Good morning!

(Don’t you hate people who are chipper on a Monday morning?!?!)

I’m in a good mood today because:

(a) I finished knitting my Swallowtail last night!

It’s currently being blocked. Proper pics tomorrow…

(b) I found some Treasures from Trash in the laundry room!

Just what I needed to brighten up during the grim weather!

(c) I got to watch the Oscars last night!

Now, I have no idea what attracts me to the Oscars like a magpie to the Crown Jewels. But speaking of which, here is a photo of my favourite Queen:

Helen Mirren. I have such a crush on her, really!

I wish I looked that good now, never mind at her age!

However, I didn’t even see any of the main movies last year! So why bother watching? It must be all the eye candy:

Daniel Day Lewis!!!
Javier Bardem!!!
(move over, Daniel Craig! You are now way down the list in my affections… today, anyway).

And how could I not resist checking out all of those marvellous costumes?! Here’s my favourite:

So, all in all, a decend end to the week. Roll on, Monday!


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