a hard day’s work

Yesterday, I stayed in out of the thaw (because there is nothing I can’t stand more is being splashed by cell-phone wielding maniac SUV drivers on Bathurst Street. I swear they speed up deliberately in order to find a big puddle and splash me!!) and got quite a bit of knitting done.

First of all, a new top which I designed myself is FINISHED! This is part of the top in progress:

More pics to follow tomorrow – I need to get JJ to take one of me for once. I suspect I will look better in this top than Aphrodite, difficult as that may be to believe.

Next, I did a swatch for another design project – another top (man, I’m so original!!!)

The yarn is Ella Rae Silkience – lovely stuff (cotton/modal/silk/rayon blend). This sweatch is knitted on 3.75mm needles – the yarn actually calls for 4.5 – 5mm but I wanted a tighter fabric for my purpose.

I also did a few rows on the SOTSii. Photos will ensue once I have done some more work on it, probably today.

Then I started plotting a mosaic I have in mind: a self-portrait based on The Scream.

This isn’t working out all that well, actually. I think I’m taxing my artistic skills, and should probably just concentrate on reproducing the original. Besides, my model leaves to be desired:


I also spent some time yesterday studying the culinary arts courtesy of the Toronto Public Library:

Have you seen Alton’s books? (I know Holly is a big fan). I find him a tad irritating on the Food Network but the books are quite amusing and also talk a lot about the science in preparing food, which I find interesting.

Having said that, it was a big mistake to bring the “Gear for your Kitchen” one into the house… or at least to look at it in JJs vicinity. He immediately seized upon it and started making a verbal list of all the kitchen gadgets we have (and do quite well without, if I do say so myself).

He then went to get a copy of our lease to find out if tub smokers were prohibited (answer: they’re not, as such, but I suspect that “no flammables” covers it. JJ, however, has a long history of not listening to my legal advice, usually to his peril).

I started to get a bit worried, and finally had to remind him that our covenant upon moving in together did not sound like this:

(His response? “Oh aye? And just hoo much does all that yarrrn that you keep sneaking in here thinking ah’m no’ lookin’ cost, anyway?” Good point.)

And finally, I tried to find some cover art for all those relationship/knitting books we were plotting away at earlier this week. Remember these?

– Living in Sin – Stylin’ Knits for Shackin’ Chicks – Divorce Knits – Reclaim your Style – Say No To Booties – Fashions for the Childfree.

Surely this must work for one of them:

I’ll use “Doghouse Knits” as a working title, I think… any other suggestions?

(And, by the way, I’ve been industrious, haven’t I?! Aren’t you impressed?!?)

Well, time to stop blatting on, and get JJ, also known as:
out of bed and out to Loblaws and the all-hallowed Store of Liquors to pick up the week’s provisions.

Happy Sunday!


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