Treasures – from Trash and otherwise…

Today has been a very good day indeed, if I dare say so.

First, the sun was shining – for a change.

Second, I finished Clue No. 2 on my SOTSii!!

I’m happy to report there has been minimal frogging this time around… the Kurse of Kermit took a week off, I guess. I’m looking forward to Clue No. 3 which comes out tomorrow.

Third, I went exploring in the laundry room in my building to see if there were any Treasures from Trash lying around. Here’s what I found: candleholders!!!!

Suitable for a space cadet like me, eh?

(That reminds me of a story. My father, whose first language was not English, had a rather interesting way with English colloquialisms. At one point for about a month he was going around calling everyone who pissed him off or whom he found stupid – and believe me, that was a LOT of people! – a “cadet”. As in, “That guy ees suts a CADET.” “Thees ledy who came een today? Whhhhat a CADET”. Although the meaning was obvious, we could not figure out where the hell he actually picked up this word. So finally I asked him. His response:

THE OLD MAN: (looking at me as though I had suddenly grown another head which was spinning around on my neck) You know… a CADET.

KRISTINA: No, I don’t know – that’s why I’m asking you!

THE OLD MAN: Well… um… um… a CADET. You know? A CADET from outer space…

And of course although he didn’t bother saying it, the last two words of that sentence were clearly “…you cadet”. This from the man who believed that washing your “hairs” more than once a week made them fall out, and that eating vinegar on your french fries gave you leukemia. Oh well.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah – candleholders!

The candle came with one. I love dragonflies!

This ball candle is made entirely from wax!

And finally:


So, all in all, worth the trip. There were also three mason jars which have been sitting there for at least a month. I wonder why? Then again, I haven’t snatched them either. I don’t know why… there is something offputting about used Mason jars coming from someone else. I mean, they’re clean and everything… I don’t know.

Maybe I have actually internalised some of this food paranoia going around? I mean, the evening news these days seems to be dedicated to warning you against eating – period. This is bad, that is unsafe, there’s bacteria everywhere… this is why I stick to potato chips as my main food group, actually. I figure that they must be OK and that the frying process kills off all the bacteria, bugs and other threats.

But I digress…

Fourth, I did acquire something else (wouldn’t it be great if I found some of this stuff in the laundry room!! Maybe next week…)

Handmaiden Lace Silk in pewter!!!! It glows like fine jewellery. I couldn’t resist.

Fifth, I got a lovely handmaiden gift from Sequana, one of my visitors here!!!

It’s a fabric mosaic? Isn’t it gorgeous? What a genius. I practically had booby trap it at work today to keep the coworkers’ grubby hands off it…

And finally, something a bit more banal but almost as bright:

This is the swatch for my new design project (top secret!) which will be knitted in Svale by Danegarn which I have had in the stash for a while (a cotton/viscose/silk blend). I’m very excited about the project, and this particular shade seemed ideal to banish the winter blahs/cold madness.

Colour me happy!!!



PS. Oh – I forgot, today is FRIDAY! Yet another reason to rejoice! Life is good… (touch wood, cross fingers, etc. Yes, I’m superstitious – I’m Greek, so that’s my birthright!)


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