camera drama and other trifles

Well, I guess I had a couple too many last night with the Tenant Advocates, because somehow I managed to lose both my camera and my fancy new beaded winter hat!!!


I have phoned approximately 50 cab companies in the somewhat misguided hope that the cab driver who brought me home actually found it and turned it in. No such luck.
Amazing that I already feel like I’m in withdrawal. I won’t be able to replace it until next week Wednesday when I get paid. Don’t think I can con JJ into replacing it for me any sooner … let’s just say he was not favourably impressed by the situation. And who could blame him, really?!

This is a particular shame as I had taken some very wonderful photos of the gang, who mostly gave me permission to post them here. Oh well – next time.

So, in the meantime, what else is new?

My coworker Paul made me a sign for my door at work. Apparently, this is what the coworkers think about me: The correct sign

I say “the correct sign” because he actually initially misspelled my title. This was the first sign that he made: The misspelled sign

Please feel free to use, adapt, etc. to your own purposes if this suits you!

Also, in other news, Batty sent me a link to this pattern, saying she though immediately of me!

A Carmen Miranda baby hat!

Now, how do you think I could adapt the pattern to make one for myself?!?

Happy Saturday! On the upside, I plan to do nothing but knit today. What a luxury!


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